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2019 marks 50 years of the TRIC Awards – celebrating the nation’s favourite television and radio programmes and their stars. It looks set to be a hugely special event – one not to miss! Here, Jack Cheeseman catches up with TRIC Chairman, Richard Lindsay-Davies, to find out more


TRIC, the Television and Radio Industries Club, was formed in 1931. It was established in the early days of broadcasting as the ‘Radio Industries Club’. TRIC’s aim is to promote mutual understanding, goodwill and networking amongst those engaged in the technology and related industries, bringing together the on- air talent with the consumer electronics talent behind the scenes. By holding high-profi le events, this helps to raise money for the good causes nominated by TRIC; the Club’s chosen charities in 2019 are Variety, the Children’s Charity and Breast Cancer Care. This year, TRIC is celebrating 50 years of the TRIC Awards – the annual, star-studded event that praises the nation’s favourite television and radio programmes and personalities. This ultra glamourous ceremony takes place on Tuesday, 12 March at Grosvenor House on Park Lane in London.

“It’s a huge year for us – the Awards will be bigger and better than ever and we’ve invited some very special guests this year as well. I can’t let

the cat out of the bag, but we’re also going to give another Special Achievement Award this year, so we’re very excited about that,” reveals Mr Lindsay- Davies. “From an entertainment perspective, we’ve been really fortunate to work with some great people, including Alexandra Burke and Cassidy Janson, who performed at the Christmas lunch last year.

“It’s really nice that, in the world we live in where we spend much more time at our desks, the TRIC Awards is a really good opportunity for people to get together in a slightly more informal environment – although there’s still that business focus.

“I went to my fi rst TRIC event towards the end of the 90s when I fi rst moved into marketing at Toshiba and I actually sat next to Gloria Hunnifor

and I actually sat next to Gloria Hunniford – who was President at the time – and then of course at the last Christmas lunch we gave Gloria the Special Achievement Award, so it sort of came full circle. I get with people that

to work with people that I never thought I’d even meet!” Mr Lindsay-Davies says that it is the celebrity involvement with TRIC that makes it so special. The current President of the Club is radio and TV presenter, Lisa Snowdon, who, in a unique move for the Club, is carrying out a second year in the

and engages in lots of discussions about what we do and how we do it.

“The most important thing, from my perspective, is at the events she’s great fun; I love going on stage with Lisa, she’s an absolute star. The added benefi t is that she’s a great supporter of her charities, Meningitis Now and Breast Cancer Care.” At TRIC, the majority of recent past Presidents, which include Jeff Stelling, Kate Garraway, Sandi Toksvig OBE, Jon Culshaw and Eamonn Holmes, continue their engagement with the Club and attend various events to help raise the profi le of the Club and to support its chosen charities.

It’s a huge year for us – the Awards will be bigger and better than ever and we’ve invited some very special guests this year as well. I can’t let the cat out of the bag, but we’re also going to give another Special Achievement Award this year, so we’re very excited about that

role after being asked to stay on. “She absolutely loves it,” says Mr Lindsay-Davies. “She’s

so passionate and she loves the

fact that she gets to meet the wider industry Lisa is so engaging and she works so hard. Throughout my whole time at TRIC we’ve to the

wider industry.

never had a President that’s come to the committee meetings, but Lisa attends the majority of them. She knows her own mind

It’s a team effort In order to help run things, Mr Lindsay-Davies explains that he communicates quite regularly with the TRIC President and the wider team. There are monthly committee meetings that help steer the direction of the Club’s work. He adds: “We’re very, very fortunate that we’ve got Alexia Sciplino, TRIC Director, and Ali Ball our Event Director, who plans all the events. As well as this, we get a lot of hard work gifted by the industry to keep the Club going, people like Chris Lucas, who is the Honorary Secretary, he puts in lots of time to make sure things continue to run smoothly. It’s a great team!”

While also being TRIC’s Chairman, Mr Lindsay- Davies’ day-to-day role is Chief Executive of the Emmy- winning Digital TV Group (DTG) – the organisation that defi nes the core requirements of every television sold in the UK market. Having supported many world fi rsts and the universal deployment of the interoperable digital and interactive TV products and services that enabled digital switchover, today the DTG works with its members and partners to nurture and drive market developments such as on-demand and internet TV, advances in audio and video such as HD, UHDTV, VR & AR and immersive soun d. Mr Lindsay-Davies started his career as a television design engineer, before moving into marketing and onto more strategic roles. He started at the DTG just as the UK’s digital television switchover was coming into play; one part of his role was to bring the entire industry together to support the move to digital

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