February 2019

From an entertainment perspective, we’ve been really fortunate to work with some great people, including Alexandra Burke and Cassidy Janson, who performed at the Christmas lunch last year.

television. Many of the people he encountered at this time were also involved with TRIC and before long he was asked if he could support the Club because of his increasingly strong bridge between his role at the DTG and pulling the industry together to deliver new products and services. “And we still do that today,” he continues. “One of my work mantras has always been to work out what wonderful features and content will delight viewers and listeners and then use our incredible access to scientists and engineers to fi nd solutions to deliver this. In order to get wonderful pictures and surround sound, as the director and the talent intended, into the viewer’s home you need to join the dots between all the technology points. At the DTG we try and make sure we look after today’s television, as well as tomorrow’s television experience. For example, we’re there helping with the introduction of HD and ultra HD content and what’s really exciting is making sure the industry is ready for future developments. “The other thing we’re doing at TRIC is trying to change the demographic slightly. We’re really keen to make sure we gently, over time, improve the diversity, mix and demographic. We should do everything we can in our industry to refl ect TV audiences; as a general mantra, what we should try and do in the TV and radio industry is refl ect the audiences that watch and listen. If we hold onto that we won’t be far off with the perfect, diverse mix. We’re going to continue to drive that forward as well throughout 2019.”


Above: Richard Lindsay-Davies with current TRIC President, Lisa Snowdon. “She’s so passionate and she loves the fact that she gets to meet the wider industry. Lisa is so engaging and she works so hard,” he says.

Below: Mr Lindsay-Davies, Lisa Snowdon and Director, Digital Terrestrial Television at Arqiva and previous TRIC Chairman, Mike Finchen

Changes over the years “A lot of the pioneering work that’s taken place in the TV and radio industry over the years has been done by the BBC,” Mr Lindsay-Davies says. “In many ways it is the UK’s lead in television and from a technology and creative perspective it’s second to none; we still do a huge amount of work with the BBC helping to lead the world in this technology.

“When I came into the industry I was designing analogue TVs for Sony – we thought that was hard enough – the complexity of television in the analogue days was an amazingly sophisticated colour system which was backward compatible to black and white. Over time, technology gradually developed and much of the pioneering work is done in the UK. “The things we’re yet to see the impact of, from a television point of view, are even more vibrant UHD, spatial audio, machine learning-based ‘TV bots’ to help us navigate the wonderful world of content and of course the impact of much higher bandwidth internet and 5G mobile – all top of the agenda of everyone in television. Whether you’re in front of an 8k camera, a studio, platform, broadcaster, network, device manufacturer, retailer, customer or viewer there are very exciting times ahead!”

The 50th TRIC Awards takes place on Tuesday, 12 March at Grosvenor House on Park Lane in London. Visit to book the last remaining tickets.

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