The new and improved Intellisteam steamer is described as “no ordinary steamer”; it features three separate compartments and an intelligent timer to synchronise the steaming process of separate ingredients. Eliminating the need for multiple cooking

processes, the Intellisteam’s clever horizontal design and features mean there is no contamination of flavours when cooking, and all compartments are accessible – unlike a traditional tiered steamer. A

strong glass lid ensures the heat is retained. Pre-programmed with eight settings for different food

groups, the Intellisteam can also be re-programmed by the user, depending on their preferences and cooking habits. A handy keep-warm function means the ingredients are maintained at their best, regardless of interruptions. A bright and easy-use digital display represents the three individual steaming compartments and enables the user to easily set and see the remaining cooking time in each individual compartment.

September 2020

Morphy Richards launches new food steamer

As a safety measure there is also a boil-dry alarm to alert the cook to low water levels, and a safety cut-out, just in case.

Stoves unveils Centenary Colour Boutique range collection

Smeg introduces new VIVOscreen connected ovens

The Italian cooking brand’s newest connected ovens boast a bigger, full-colour display with all-new graphics, exciting new functions and greater ease of use. The new extra wide VIVOMax screen means more information and functions can be

shown at once, which will also be easier to read and simpler to use. Navigation is intuitive thanks to full touch vertical and horizontal scrolling. In addition, by holding down any item on the display for three seconds, a pop up will appear to explain its function. The ovens also feature new visual icons, bright colours and high definition graphic

effects. As well as this, to create your own recipes, the My Recipes section allows you to store up to 64 of your own favourite dishes into the memory of the oven. The new display is available in two versions: VIVO, at 9.5 by 5.5cm, and VIVOMax

premium at 15 by 5.2cm. Hitting stores this month, the VIVOscreen ovens join Smeg’s SmegConnect smart range and the oven will work in conjunction with the new dedicated SmegConnect app.

As part of its 100-year celebrations, the Boutique collection is available across Stoves’s Richmond Deluxe range cookers and comprises nine new shades including Mojito Mint, Thunder Blue, and Anthracite Grey, all chosen to reflect interior trends. Retailers stocking the range cookers in 90, 100 or 110 sizes will be able to

offer customers the choice of shades from this month and Stoves has further plans to unveil an additional shade in the coming months. The launch of the new shades follows Stoves’s significant investment in its range category products, which now offer premium features such as the unique Proflex cavity splitter, enabling cooks to convert the tall cavity into two separate Equiflow fan ovens and a Zeus Bluetooth Connected Timer, which allows the oven timer to be controlled by smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection. Selected models also include Steam & Infuse, which has been introduced to meet increasing consumer interest in steam cooking and optimises the taste and texture of every dish.

Caple’s new furniture-framed integrated wine cabinet

Caple’s new furniture-clad WC1800 wine cabinet follows the launch of the manufacturer’s undercounter model (the only one in the UK), the Wi6160, with a similar design aesthetic. The new A+ rated WC1800 integrated wine cabinet in

Caple’s luxury Sense Premium collection has been designed so your kitchen designer can simply make a frame to match your cabinetry perfectly. Once the frame has been made, it can simply slot it into place around

the edges of your wine cabinet. Or you can have a full furniture door fitted without the glass window. This wine cabinet fits 70 Bordeaux-style bottles and can accommodate Champagne and Burgundy. This fully integrated, touch control wine cabinet has

three independently controlled temperature zones. Three charcoal filters also help to purify the air, removing any undesirable odours, which could penetrate the cork and therefore spoil the wine.


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