4 NEWS: An update on this year’s ERT Awards. 5 NEWS: John Lewis scraps staff bonus after tough year. 6 NEWS: Hoover helps fund over 7,000 meals for children’s charity.

10 OPINION: The overall resilience of the electrical appliance sector is encouraging with successes in rebuilding businesses, says AMDEA’s Paul Hide.

12 OPINION: Beko’s Vijay Bhardwaj says the longer-term future of the home appliance category has never looked brighter.

13 OPINION: Paul Laville asks, what is the ‘new normal’ in retail and how have stores adapted so far since being allowed to reopen?

14 ERT INTERVIEW: With his years of experience at the CIH buying group, CEO Stuart Cook has witnessed a lot of change across the electrical retail industry, but nothing quite like the ups and downs we’ve seen this year. In this issue, he talks to Jack Cheeseman about how the group’s members have fared.

18 ANALYSIS: Smart speakers and wireless soundbars have kept people entertained at home this year. So what are the trends if consumers fancy upgrading their tech?

22 ANALYSIS: Eco appliances: It is the responsibility of manufacturers and retailers to educate and develop consumers’ eco-consciousness.

26 RETAILERS’ VIEWS: ERT hears what it was like trading during lockdown and how retailers welcomed customers back to their stores when the rules were relaxed.

28: FOCUS: Experiential retail: Experts discuss the importance of the customer’s in-store experience, now more than ever, and offering a safe and inviting place to shop.

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