September 2020

The new Sonos Arc.

The SN11RG soundbar from LG Available next month are Yamaha’s two new

RX-V AV receivers. Redesigned from the ground up to support the latest trends and specifications for home entertainment, including 8K, HDMI 2.1 and HDR10+, the RX-V4A and RX-V6A offer five and seven channels of support respectively. In addition, the Japanese manufacturer says that no other AV receiver on the market offers as many 8K HDMI inputs as Yamaha, with three on the RX-V6A (seven inputs total) and all four inputs on the RX-V4A (pictured above). Simon Feben-Harknett, AV Product Specialist

at Yamaha Music Europe, comments: “Advances to the RX-V line-up in 2020 are the most significant to date, with a new design that features a brand new high-resolution LCD display and a jog dial with touch-sensitive buttons. “The new receivers offer the entire suite of

MusicCast capabilities and app control, including Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, built-in music streaming services, multi-room audio and voice control via Alexa, Google and Siri-enabled devices.” Both models offer MusicCast Surround,

allowing optional wireless MusicCast speakers to be paired and used as surrounds in a 5.1-ch. setup without the need for speaker wire to the AV receiver.

Lifelike listening Adding to its soundbar category at the start of this year, LG unveiled two premium models – SN9YG and SN11RG. The latter is the flagship – a 7.1.4- channel system complete with two wireless rear speakers that deliver forward- and up-firing sound for 360-degree audio. The 2020 range again leverages the brand’s

long-standing partnership with Meridian Audio with more models featuring its finely-tuned technologies such as Bass and Space, which boosts low-frequency reproduction and widens the soundstage, and Image Elevation, which ensures a more lifelike listening experience by elevating the perceived height of lead instruments and vocals. As well as this, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Room

Calibration guarantees more optimised sound in the premium range by automatically tailoring output to the specific characteristics of the room. Research by LG found that consumers are

increasingly choosing to watch films at home rather than at the cinema; this is impacting on audio products as customers choose to invest

Naim Audio Unity Star. Above: The Unity Nova.

more in their home theatre setups. The study revealed that on average consumers watch 48 films on TV a year, compared to just four to five cinema visits. “When it comes to the ultimate home

entertainment experience, those polled can see the true value in owning the latest technology,” explains James Thomas, Product Manager, Home Entertainment, LG UK. “More than a quarter of those surveyed stated

that a surround sound speaker system was the most important investment to make when choosing to watch films at home. As such, one of LG’s key goals is ensuring that home audio products deliver the best listening experience not only for music, but also for films.”

When it comes to streaming, it seems there is

Home theatre On that note, and not forgetting the most popular partnership between TV and audio, we saw new introductions from Sonos earlier in 2020 at the premium end of its home theatre line-up. The Arc is Sonos’s most immersive home

theatre sound yet; the premium smart soundbar enabled by the manufacturer’s powerful new software platform features rich, realistic 3D sound with support for Dolby Atmos surround, vivid detail and impressive bass designed to immerse listeners in entertainment and music. “With Arc, Sonos sets a new standard for

premium home theatre sound,” says Laura Yates, Retail Marketing Manager, UK and Ireland at Sonos. “Home theatre technology and video streaming are moving to higher resolution formats and more immersive experiences. “TVs are getting bigger and streaming is

becoming our first choice for content; it is increasing in quality and a lot is now available in

a solution from Naim Audio to suit. Consumers are not locked into one service or smart ecosystem, and whether they are listening to their own digital library, services such as Apple Music, TIDAL, Qobuz or Spotify, internet radio, or exploring the world of Roon, there is a variety of dedicated listening setups available in the Naim family to fit any size of budget and home space. Says Charlie Henderson, Naim Audio’s

Managing Director: “We now range from the Mu- so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation wireless speakers, through our Uniti systems line-up and onto our dedicated sources, including the reference-level ND 555. The technology may have evolved, but every one of our connected products stays true to Naim’s driving mission from the 1970s: to take you closer to the authentic emotion of the music you love.” Every Naim product runs on the same

platform, managed by the same app with regular software upgrades to enhance functionality, explains Mr Henderson.


high resolution picture and sound with 25+ streaming services offering Dolby Atmos content.” Built on Sonos’s next generation S2 software

platform and utilising the all-new Sonos app, the Arc offers voice control using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2 and more, not to mention all kinds of audio streaming even when the connected TV is off.


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