September 2020

Whirlpool’s Supreme Care Live washer and dryer.

Hotpoint’s black glass induction hob. “In terms of energy efficiency, there’s our

PerfectDry feature too,” he adds. “This function uses natural Zeolith minerals to absorb moisture from the air inside the dishwasher and produce dry heat that is evenly distributed across the load during the drying cycle for perfect results, even on plastics. “This is an energy saver because it’s producing

heat naturally rather than relying on heating up water for the final rinse and drying phase, as conventional dishwashers do. In addition, Zeolith regenerates after every cycle and will last the life of the appliance.” Another very similar form of air drying is

available from Electrolux as well. Firstly, the AEG Comfortlift dishwasher features the AirDry function that automatically opens the dishwasher’s door by 10cm during the last stages of wash programmes to dry the dishes. AEG integrated dishwashers also feature the

MaxiFlex drawer; this has added depth which means consumers can add more to their load, helping reduce the number of washing cycles needed and leading to a more efficient kitchen. When it comes to sustainable use of cleaning

detergents, there’s also Beko’s dishwasher range with its AutoDose technology, which dispenses the right amount of detergent for each load, minimising the chemicals that are used. But Mr Bhardwaj also reveals that the

manufacturer will be launching A+++ dishwashers in September that use auto-door opening at the end of the cycle too. Dishwashers are clearly the most efficient way

to wash up and Hotpoint incorporates the latest technology to ensure optimum resource efficiency. “Thanks to 3D Zone Wash technology, the

Hotpoint slimline 3D Zone Wash dishwasher (HSFO 3T223 W X UK), for example, uses just nine litres of water per cycle and users can direct the water to a single basket, saving up to 40 per cent in energy usage,” explains Catherine Balderson, Senior Brand Manager at Hotpoint.

Washing When it comes to water usage in the home, laundry chores can often be a contributory factor. And one of LG’s recent product launches at this year’s IFA exhibition was the brand-new WashTower. Designed as a one-body solution combining a washer and dryer in a single appliance, it shares information to automatically set the optimal course for better results and shorter overall laundry times.

LG’s Product Specialist, Home Appliances,

David Palmer, comments: “The WashTower’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) also reduces cycle times and energy usage without sacrificing effectiveness, demonstrating how manufacturers are constantly developing new technology with sustainability in mind.” Looking at the complete washing machine

market, the majority of machines are A+++ and above rated, making it tricky for consumers to compare on energy efficiency alone. However, Mr Lucas explains that BSH’s automatic dosing system – i-DOS – helps consumers to wash efficiently. He says: “They don’t have to work out how

much detergent they need, they simply fill up the reservoir; so the user gets perfect results and saves detergent, but they also save water, because overdosing the detergent can create excessive foaming, which means more water is needed to wash it out.” And the AEG 7000 Series washing machine

features its Eco TimeSave option and ProSense Technology, which automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Sensors then adjust washing times precisely, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment. Advances in appliance technology evidently

provide greater results, but for consumers to enjoy sustainability and convenience with these products, smart connectivity is beginning to play a huge part in taking resource and economic savings to the next level.

Via the Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live app, for

example, consumers can learn about and manage their energy and resource use while controlling consumption to the nearest penny. The Whirlpool Supreme Care Live washing

machine (FSCR 12441) and matching tumble dryer (HSCX 10441) communicate with each other via the app, which sends the washer’s current programme to the dryer to automatically synchronise and set the correct drying cycle – this helps ensures optimum garment care. >>


The latest Bosch washing machines feature the i- DOS automatic dosing system. Right: The new WashTower from LG.

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