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amily business, Wilsons has revealed Spring Fair 2018 was its most successful year at the e company

y,, which

was started by Richard Hopkins in 1993 is now run by his three sons. The family moved away fr om North London where they had always lived, to Colchester in 2003. Growing steadily for the past 25 years, W

25 years, W Wiilsons

has developed a unique collection of own and exclusive brands alongside a large range of wholesale lines. In recent years it has also become the primary distributor for a number of household brands. Servicing the whole of the UK from its Colchester distribution centre, W

with some of the largest multiple chains and other wholesale/C&C distributors.

In January 2017 the company moved (for the fourth time in their 25 year history!) to a bigger war ehouse, which enabled it to improve the services to its customers. dir ector

Sales Gary Hopkins, Wiilsons

traditionally supplies independent retailers and has also worked

says: “Increased space has made it possible to extend our product range extensively each month thr oughout last year and it hasn’t stopped yet! By the end of 2018 we are aiming to add a further 1200 new lines providing our customers with a wider choice. “During 2017 we also employed new staff in various departments, who since then have proven vital to our business operations. Additionally

ly y,, as an essential part of

our journey from good to great, we are now implementing new software

systems throughout the business to further improve our efficiency W ilsons

ff exhibited We at y..” Spring

Fair 2018, and revelled in the opportunity to network amongst industry peers, Mr Hopkins reflects on the time there: “We always think exhibitions are a great opportunity Showcasing

e always thi ity bestsellers y.. helps

retailers know what they should be stocking, and also seeing new products and testing them in real life. Furthermore, meeting our customers




GF G F F in person is always

a pleasure and it enables us to understand better what they need, and how we can help them.

“Exhibiting at Spring Fair for the third year in a r ow might make you think you know it all, but that is certainly not the case! Each and every customer contact helps us understand how we can improve.”


“This year in general seemed less busy in the DIY hall, but it was our most successful yet,” says Mr Hopkins. W ilsons thought it a perfectWiilsons though time to unveil new products, where it intr oduced the Acana carpet moth t rap, Blockystar OVN I, and Cape Cod, which although was not new to the market, it was the first year the company had taken the pr oduct to the show due to it becoming a top seller over the last few years. “However, we ff

r, also had great

show fers and a £300offers and a £300 prize draw for anyone placing an order at the stand and it is a great pleasure to announce that Inifer Potter & Son Ltd. in Hockley, Essex are the winners. om and his team!


e think it was a very good decision to exhibit, and would encourage everyone to attend. W cannot wait for Spring Fair 2019!”

Congratulations to Tom anTo “We think it was a

We attend. We attend. W We


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