Editor of home renovation and design platform Victoria Harrison speaks with DIY Week to shed light on the emerging home interior trends for 2018.

Eclectic traveller “Today’s homeowner really knows how to mix and match different design elements in their homes, and the cut and paste ‘looks’ of the past are being replaced with a carefully curated mix of items from a range of sources. In the Houzz of 2018 that could be a wall hanging from a recent holiday, or a woven basket from a local artisan market, happily sitting alongside a locally- sourced piece of furniture. The key to pulling off this look is confidence, creativity and a sense of fun.”

Botanicals and houseplants

“Houseplants have taken over our interiors at a rampant pace over the past few seasons and, in recent months, they’ve also started to wind their tendrils onto wallpapers and fabrics too. These botanical patterns owe little to the tropical craze of past seasons and everything to the delicate botanical prints of the Victorian era. Think trailing ivy, intricate ferns and detailed leaves in all shades of green, from rich emeralds to soft moss tones. The houseplant craze is one that looks set to stay too, with the search term ‘houseplants’ spiking in popularity on Houzz in 2017. For the past couple of years, homeowners have been enthusiastically embracing these leafy powerhouses for their soothing and air-cleansing properties as well as their design-friendly forms, and celebrating all things botanical, from fiddle leaf figs to Swiss cheese plants.”

20 DIY WEEK 9 MARCH 2018

Green tones “Dark green has been a slow-burn trend for a while (we reported on the demand for dark-green kitchens back in January 2017) but deep, rich shades of forest green have really gathered speed and all shades of green are firmly on the map for 2018 – from jewel-bright emeralds to mossy woodland tones. The combination of dark green and velvet upholstery is also emerging as a trend, and this also taps into into the resurgence of Art Deco style, particularly when teamed with mid- or dark-toned wood and slivers of gold accents.”

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