Kiran Grewal speaks to some key players in the home improvement industr y who offer their take on new trends in the decorating sector, and how best to up your display game.


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and go, so it’s important

to keep up with them in the

moment and utilise the gr owing demand fr om consumers, whether it be botanical

prints, natural

materials, or even unicorns! Often, the best way this can be done is to implement a good display and design strategy within your stor e, and give customers the benefit of seeing a variety of pr oducts married together in a home-like setting.

Green is the new black

RE-found Objects, an independent homeware stor e founded by Simon Yo

Young and Jenny Va Vaughan,

specialises in vintage objects for the home. Some products are r estor ed, some ar e recycled, and some has just been r escued. Simon and Jenny of fer their perspective on the quirky elements of home design and the unique way in which RE displays its pr oducts. They say: “The most important curr ent colour stories for 2018 so far ar e gr eens and pinks. Pinks range from soft ‘Elastoplast’, which works as an alternative neutral, through to warm brick red and deep vermillion. Gr eens move fr om softest pistachio through to vivid teal.


“Living gr een is still a strong too; Large

22 DIY WEEK 9 MARCH 2018 sculptural

leaved tr opical plants, ferns, cacti and succulents planted in unusual containers, often hanging or wall mounted, play an important r ole in any interior scheme.”

Creative director of the colour trends team at Dulux, Marianne Shillingford

being an incredibly sought-after She


agrees with explains:

inspired greens are green “Nature- everywhere

because they tap in to our desire to immerse ourselves in nature (without having to leave the sofa

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

The team at RE-found Objects has a 300sq m old garage workshop as its stor e, with a high-peaked roof, meaning plenty of room for suspension and lots of scope for displays and lighting. Simon oungYou and Jenny V aughan go on to explain their set-up: “Lar ge mobile, painted wooden screens compartmentalise areas of the shop into ‘zones’ – kitchen, garden etc. Within the spaceWiithin the sp we also have a ‘china r oom’ and a shed on wheels which ar e used

Yo nd Jenny Va Vaughan go on to exp

hospital catering trolley!” and get our wellies on). Green is

the ultimate colour of balance and tranquility; it immediately connects us with open fields, wilderness and a simpler way of living.

“There is a theme to each of these decorating observations,” Marianne continues. “And it points to a human need for sanctuary and inner peace in a fast paced digital age. Like no other element in our decorating toolbox, it is colour that has the power to soothe and r echar ge the soul in the places we call home.”

furniture to display our products, such as old haberdashery drawers and even an old old haberdasher y drawers and even an old hospital catering trolley!”


“We use a lot of interesting, refurbished old furniture to display our products,

t o create different environments. Being able to repaint, redecorate and move the scr eens means we can change the colours and feel of displays regularly

The team is constantly on the look-out for interesting pieces and will often change their displays to r eflect the season or showcase latest ‘finds’. This keeps the customer interested and is an excellent way to showcase new trends that emer ge. Simon and Jenny continue: “The central display changes every few

weeks. Our curr ent main display features fabulous, bright r ecycled ‘plastic’ creations – a very topical theme – including multi-colour ed door curtains and animal heads made from discarded plastic bottles, containers and lids. A fabulous collection of old glass bottles covered in intricately woven electrical wire discar ded by the mining industry in Hungary is displayed in the foreground. We

“We also design and make our own pr oducts under the REgd brand which include cushions, textiles, ceramics and glassware pieces. We like to mix old and new

e also design and We w, utilitarian w,

and decorative items, which helps our customers with ideas for styling their own homes. We

e use a lot of

We use a lot of inter esting, refurbished old furniture to display our products, such as old haberdashery drawers, kitchen dressers, even an old hospital catering trolley!”

New trends on the block

Simon and Jenny go on to explain some of the emer ging tr ends they have noticed that will continue into the r est of the year,r, they observe: We ar e now moving away fr om the minimal ‘Scandi Chic’ looks, with their simple two colour ed geometric prints and subtle neutrals, to a mor e luxurious, opulent Pan-American feel,

“We clean lines bu t glossy and sophisticated.”

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