Trend specialists have put forward their forrecasts for the season but what changes and o suppliers and retailers identified in the outdoor

door living category. Fiona Garcia reports.

he UK may not boast


that other countries with sunn


benefit that isn’t f increasing number of c that e keen to use their space all year round. As su end-users want


garden furnitur cooking, dining and even for shade or shelter.

their outdoor living choi e and acce

says: “Increasingly

the weather nier climes fazing the


onsumers r outdoor uch, these and

stylish designs when it comes to ices, from ssories, to n options

Homebase director of trading in the gardening sector Stephen Pitcher y, customers are

creative ways to cr functional space that caters for relaxing and entertaining, all year .

round, regardless of the weather end now is for

of outdoor furnitur the flexibility they need, and this is increasing demand.” Homebase outdoor living category buyer Katy Higgins adds: “The end of Brits embracing an

This means that the tr customers to have multiple pieces t i th

f td f it e to give them tr

‘outdoor-room’ is set to continue This is when our


this year customers transform their outdoor space into a multi-functioning om

typical ly inconsistent,

glorious summer has encouraged -

our customers to consider a year round living space outdoors for elaxing.

dining, entertaining and r

barbecue – have outdoor end.” tr Bramblecrest

g g

As such, outdoor kitchen areas – with a food preparation ar ea and a become a growing

lifestyle consultant

garden is being tr can be unpr

Paula Cole concurs and says the eated like another

room. “Although the British weather edictable, patio heaters

and fire pits provide warmth and are very popular .”

Many of the suppliers DIY Week month said ther


spoke to at Hampton Court this e was a high level

of interest in taking a step up from just having a barbecue in the garden

19 JULY 2019

seeing the gar of the home and finding new and eate a multi-

den as an extension

and, instead, c kitchen eas – so ar with fridges, sink those with money Lower Barn

director James A business had see in outdoor kitche “lots of

cr eating outdoor ome fully equipped ks, and storage for y to spend. Outdoor Living Argentieri said his en a huge uptake ovided,


with hot and cold plates and integra really adapt the s like cooking.”

of consumers a the flexible spa go

automated per different shapes a


living area that can be lived in fr spring through to early autumn. Although the

British weather is last year’s

button, you can or sound

ens that pr y,

from sinks taps, to hot

ated fridges... They space to what they

He adds that a growing number are also

can open and clos pu

around it and cr or use to extend than just using

to cr

and sizes, the r se at the touch of a heating

You can get oof

ut lighting,

sound, which are also controlled by a remote, pl lus they’re water tight, so you can e e

eate a gar d the house rather . It

even can put walls den oom r

a conservatory

depends what s eate but peo

versatility of pro den now.

g g

their gar And, when it seating, flexibilit high on the agend

maintenance and creating a style aes interior ends. tr reported a sharp woven furnitur what Paula Cole “abundance of lo e’s a

says: “Ther for cushioning a

oducts like this ”

, g y.

so meone is ople just love the in


comes to outdoor ty is very much da, along with low

d comfort but also sthetic that matches Bramblecrest has

p rise in sales of re, along with

e describes as an, ose cushions”. She growing demand solution does that


ace provided by olas. “Y

not equi r can be le year. Sale are gener e

to be pr and store it over winter

es of teak gar rally in decline, as you have epared to oil it once a year .”

ir e storage, with a fabric that oughout the den furniture

eft outside thr

Long lasting yet stylish M d l

arrangements ar e popular . Harriet Lomax of luxury supplier


beanbag Armadillo Sun says the company ge in sales of its y, particularly in its .


has seen a sur products recently

new modular range this summer “People love the fact that they can ound, as

lightweight, so they can pieces y.

around the garden really

easily. It’s a very versatile product, den furniture tends

which a lot of gar not to be.” She adds: “Our range of modular

things. We’ve had a that range.”


chairs can be linked together in an L-shape pattern, can incorporate sofas, day beds, tables – all sorts of in

lot of uptake

Bramblecr est has trend for L-shaped formats. Paula ent end tr

also seen a explains:“There is a curr

for corner sofas. The classic corner arrangement was a big hit in the living oom in 2018, with John Lewis


seeing the sales of corner sofas up ecreating elaxed

56%. Customers are now r

that open-plan living and r den.”

style in their gar Homebase has observed continued demand for low-maintenance

be left outside all year r well as the flexibility of them being move the

Modular collections and proving

sting yet stylish ll ti


outdoor furniture, “as people opt long lasting yet stylish ranges” says Stephen. He adds: “W

Wood is on terms of

decline, with rattan and aluminium emerging as market leaders.” In

Bramblecrest has seen a leaning t

hi h has been a huge trend –


towards darker colours and grey – which interiorsi

Armadaillo t

n t

pt for n the

colourways, aning

d in the company’s

charcoal grey option proving very successful.

Harriet agrees, adding that Sun’s

and light blue ocean colours ar er’s best sellers. e quite

the manufactur

“I think it’s because they’r neutral, which as Brits, we like. But they do then tend to add flair with ge,

cushions in bright colours and lar b

bold patterns ” patterns.”

And, it appea rs consume rs a re still on the lookout for something a bit dif

b fferent to help them put their

stamp on their outdoor space. East oaring trade every

4 West does a r y

for gar

p i

b h

year in unusual and exotic garden p

and botanical styles ar t


parasols. Alex Yewman says tr e still in but

y,, they y think to opical

there is an even gr deners to buy: “When

eater incentive

people are sat in their garden and it’s nice and sunny t

themselves ‘I could be anywhere

right now’ and you haven’t got to be sat under a B&Q parasol, you can e unusual. So

m b

because they won’t know wher a little dif

get it’. That’s what ferent, they love it.”

have something mor many customers say ‘my neighbour always copies me! I’m buying this e to

people like. If it’s

pumice grey e

nium ways,


opportunities ve ha

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