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As Jim Rohn, author and motivational speaker advises us to think of to help your business…“What could I do? What ead? And who could I

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ask?” ecently attended the Global DIY

it in i D bli Dublin which hi h i is a

great networking event and I had the chance to speak with many businesses, and even share a pint of Guinness with some business leaders, and discuss challenges the retail industry is facing right now found it all extremely inspiring.

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But does networking really add v alue?

Many do not see

networking but it does add value Only this last month I have examples e ther e

of positive networking wher has been benefit:  I was helped; one business gave me some useful hands-on advice that helped with a negotiation I am Amazon in the USA

the value n i value.

maybe even look at the bright side of life, so at this time I encourage everyone to network more than you have and take advantage of the positive vibes the summer gives us. epreneur,r,

have needed mo money oney and resource

but would have delivered little value to them 

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These great

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So why don’t network positively? Networking is a g your own self-e confidence, but i d f f

courage and ef hardest part for the discussion or could highlight ground…for exam summ


Global DIY “is this your first attended”, anoth you think of the eaker

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achieve. Ther this discussion that I was able to e soon to

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rt to get going. The many is starting introduction. You

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mple at the r mit one opener was summit you have


to kick off a conve networking even be found

t more people ely? great way to build esteem and your it does take some t t

t some common ecent

er was “what did last esentation” pr rs e an easy way ersation and at any nt similar ones can you need to have a

clear and concise description of you and your business up…an elevator p you can describe

having with  I connected two businesses; I was able to connect two companies e

thr ough a networking dinner wher ecovery

business who r

I met a brilliant debt r ecovered a bad debt

for a business in under 24 hours eviously dragged on

to give some fr om implementing a

12 WEEK DIY 19 JULY 2019

I gave free advice; I was able ee advice to save

which had pr for many weeks (let me know if you have a similar issue and I can connect you) 

a business fr promotional mechanic that would

an inter are many of thes in your sector w your business tha to make it an Practice makes p e

why you do it. F esting ch

but once you ar y

networking, I gua value to you and do it again and ag


hallenge, and ther se ently, thingsy curr fecting

pitch I call it, wher what you do and Finally talk about e

s for when it comes e

which is af at you can discuss interesting chat. perfect of course, fluent in the art of arantee it will add

d you will want to gain.

Make it real…a nd persist My business pa Kerry

y, who is one

networkers comm the subject, “I do

artner and wife, ne of life’s natural mented recently on on’t go into a room to shove my

throats, I go to meet people, find out what

them…no one lik th

challenges and be inspired by th

h d sell ll

m business down people’s t they do, discuss business likes the har

where the other person does not even ask what I do or anything about me”.

involved, if you try the har you will find yourself talking to yourself. At an event it is easy to only speak to a few people and then call it a day but give it some time and fort, speak to the people you know and

ef an nd ask if there is anyone

Networking discussions should be relaxed and educational for all d sell

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in the room they think you could them thing d to t

connect with and then ask t e is nothing oduced

to introduce you. Ther b


better than to be intr t k

someone to make you feel great e the opportunity to

and to captur engage in conversation, I guarantee eward you in the

people and businesses, be inspir doing and build r

p will last…and don’t

if you it will r long term. And, when you do network with ed,

excite people about what you are elationships that forget,


a selfie and post your meeting on LinkedIn to inspire others to do the same.

dynamics of agents vs landlor the agendas of what each want to e learnings in

to a commer we discussed the challenge for the eet and discussed the d and

I gained valuable insight; talking cial pr operty consultant

ant to understand deal s i



Daley hub director Clive Daley delivers the seventh instalment of his monthly solutions, giving a detailed insight into the art of networking.

eventh instalment of his o the art of networking.

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