Leading international garden fair Spoga+Gafa is set to open its doors in September, with exhibitors showcasing a diverse range of products, from stylish outdoor furniture and accessories, to smart garden appliances, high-tech grills and outdoor kitchens. We look at the key trends for the outdoor season.

City Gardening A global mega trend that spoga+gafa and many exhibitors are addressing this year is increasing urbanisation. More people are moving into the city and they don’t want to do without their own green space and relaxation in the open air. For city dwellers, green areas are becoming increasingly important as a place of refuge from hectic, everyday life. “Today, the garden takes on the task of being a place to wind down and relax more than ever,” explained Stefan Lohrberg, Director of spoga+gafa. “It gives people the feeling of security and

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homeliness and is thus gaining a totally new significance.” Living in the city centre and at the same time surrounded by greenery is no longer a contradiction. It is blossoming and flourishing in small gardens and on more and more balconies and roof terraces. Numerous exhibitors are presenting new products for the usage of urban open spaces at this year’s spoga+gafa.

Design for small outdoor areas Gardening without a garden is on trend. Compact flower beds, vertical plant walls or mini greenhouses transform balconies into small

kitchen gardens. Irrigation systems are aligned especially to meet the needs of urban gardeners. There are even miniature versions of compost boxes today. Combinable and multi- functional furniture ensures the cosy furnishing of small outdoor areas, whilst decorative elements such as carpets, chimneys, vases or lanterns provide a homely atmosphere. There are also clever sunshade solutions for limited outdoor spaces, such as balconies and roof terraces. Side tables or plant pots with integrated LEDs enable the ‘city oasis’ to be illuminated. One doesn’t have to do without a barbecue on balconies

either. In addition to compact gas grills, the market also offers small electric devices for smoky aromas without smoke. Portable models are also suitable for balconies or the city park. Furthermore, there are modular outdoor kitchens to enable exquisite cooking in the open air, the elements of which can be individually combined in limited space.

Flexible relaxing furniture Whether on the small balcony or in the big garden, relaxation still tops the bill when it comes down to outdoor living. Modular lounge

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