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In total 330 delegates took part in the store tour which consisted of six buses. Two workshops, on the same day

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DIY Summit then kicked-of a networking event that evening at -one tourist attraction in

Ireland; the Guinness Store House. Designing the future together

This year’s motto was ‘DIY Evolution – Designing the Future Together’.

digital transformation, new innovation leader worldwide, ecasts,

The speakers gave presentations on innovation, digital platforms as new business models worldwide, how epare your team to embrace Asia – as a

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Börsch (Deloitte) pr Economic and Political Overview and highlighted the risks and advantages within the era of the esidency, Br exit and other worldwide. The highly-

Trump Pr Tr y, challenges worldwide highly anticipated pr esentation fr om Ace

On the first day, Alexander esented a Global

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The 7th Globa programme of changing reta

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al DIY Summit 2019 took place in Dublin this year f talks about innovation, ail industry.

ent and CEO, John ot disappoint, with emotive k


“The Heart of a Leader”. The

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from Barbara Kahn chool) and Nancy exxworks)


y, which also included a panel discussion, mod Collinge where

highlights of the first derated by Steve

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Hartmut Jenner [Alfred Kärcher], Erwin van Osta [Hubo], Vincent Legros [Bostik]) exchanged their

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f disruption.

Global challenges and innov ations The second day saw a talk focusing e

fromAlibaba’s category group leader Andr eas Kerschner. According to the audience, one of the highlights of the Summit was China Evangelist, Pascal C delegates “China’s As in

on the gr of many technological innovations worldwide, including the keynote ,

owth of Asia as the centr r,

Coppens, who delighted all esentation;

figures on around t by intern mdj2, CT

n new growth markets fr the globe were presented national companies such as TC Petrovich and Lixil Viva

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Corporation. This year’s farewell sp eech

Design m Ibrahim, future of

of winnin speech to the event In th chairmen John . H W Ralf Rah that this informati

16 WEEK DIY 19 JULY 2019

managing dir who talked about the f etail and the new metrics


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he final wrap-up, both Summit,

n of the Global DIY Herbert (EDRA/GHIN) and eed

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s had been an ive and successful event,


was given by P ector Ibrahim


n why innovation really osper in

k place in Dublin this year disruption and marketing stra

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having r eceived very positive feedback. At the end of the event, j t

sitive vent,

Victoria Neuhofer i

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N h f r,

sales director at FN Neuhofer Holz, was presented as the winner the first edition of the Global DIY Influencer Award.

projects and er of

General manager of the Global DIY Summit, Iñaki Maillard, said: “It is all about our delegates. We just give them the space for networking and i


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technological est tools

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interact, but all the r by them. This event was a success because of all delegates who joined ganisers,

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us in Dublin and we, as or are fully committed to them for future editions of the event.”

The 7th Global DIY Summit closed with the delegates, using a voting tool, giving the event an overwhelming 72% as ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’ with a further 23% rating t

the event as ‘good’. Delegates


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business growth for this year y p


expected r, with

21% very optimistic as they estimate it will be better than 10% compar to last year and around 37% of the audience was more cautious as they only forecast growth of up to 4%. The next Global DIY Summit

pared %.

be held in Amsterdam from 10 to 12 June 2020 and over 58% of delegates have already

confirmed participation in next year’s Summit.

t will gates mmit.


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