As part of the new utility eco range by ADDIS, which was showcased at Exclusively Housewares 2019, the new Utility Caddymade its debut. Made in the UK the caddy is a versatile little helper around the home. It can be used to store cleaning cloths, disinfectant, washing powder, dishwasher tablets and composting. Available in five

colours, Addis are also giving its followers and customers a chance to personalise the caddies by purchasing vinyls from its Instagram partner @ The new range is made from 100% recycled household plastics and consists of 20 items, including a washing up bowl, the recycling bins and unistore. The POS communicates that the entire range is made in the UK, is made from 100% recycled household plastics and is hard wearing, wipe clean and comes with the Addis 10 year guarantee.  0800 515 300 

There’s something for every trade you can name in the SNICKERS WORKWEAR range – AllroundWork, RUFFWork, LITEWork and FLEXIWork clothing - Trousers, Jackets, Tool Vests, Shirts, Underwear, Accessories and much more – plus an extensive range of EN-certified PPE working clothes. Added to which, there’s the most innovative street- smart stretch fabrics for mobile comfort and a Layered Clothing System that ensures you can choose clothes to suit the weather on site – rain or shine, wind or snow. Complimented by Snickers Profiling and Embroidery services and the most extensive range of garment sizes, the Snickers Workwear system delivers

the ultimate solution to make every man and woman’s workday easier and safer, says the company.  01484 854788 

ADDIS’ undersink storage – made famous by @MrsHinchHome and her under sink Narnia the Undersink storage unit is proving to be as popular as ever, the company says. To be able to add a shelf where one doesn’t exist or to be able to work around pipework is something the company says its followers love. Invisifix and storage trays are not just for the bathroom. Addis have showcased invisifix to be applied in the kitchen cupboard and around the sink area and with no drilling required and say it is a real benefit to its followers.  0800 515 300 

ADDIS says, thanks to the recent trend and number of influencers, the housewares sector and, in particular cleaning, is enjoying a renaissance, with a new generation sharing their cleaning hauls. Addis is working with a number of key influencers and is now very active with the cleaning

community on Instagram. The company says a firm favourite is Addis’ Press to dispense toilet brushes, which allow users to dispense their desired fragrance of disinfectant in the middle reservoir. The product is reportedly proving to be a real hit with its followers.  0800 515 300 

The new Express Hoe from BURGON & BALL will be swinging into action this season, with a pivoting blade which finds the perfect angle for biting into the soil, for effortless weeding. Sliding easily through the soil on both push and pull strokes, the Express Hoe swings through weeding in half the time, allowing the gardener to move quickly onto other tasks – or to preserve energies for more appealing activities other than weeding. It is a compact, eye-catching stand with an informative point of sale and integrated video available, where shoppers will see Express Hoe’s outstanding results for themselves, the company says. Designed to retail for £32.99, Express Hoe is a truly time-saving addition to any garden shed, says Burgon & Ball.  0114 233 8262 

BARRETTINE Anti-slip Top Coat Decking Oil is a premium quality top coat decking oil incorporating anti-slip technology improving grip on decking, handrails and wooden steps, the company says. It oils and protects, providing a low sheen finish, with added UV stabilisers Barrettine says it helps to slow wood turning grey and resists flaking or cracking with excellent water beading. It also contains a surface biocide to protect against fungal and mould attack.  01179600060 

REISSER introduces its Crate Mate, a practical and versatile system for the transportation and storage of tools, equipment and fixings in a professional and flexible way. Made from high performance German ABS material, the Crate Mate is a tough and waterproof self-locking solution built to provide years of protection for your tools. Its enhanced technical and structural features top everything else on the market, making it your irreplaceable new partner for any job, the company says.  0161 483 5557 

Following the success of the award-winning ADDIS fold flat basket – DIY Week’s Home & Kitchen Prodict of the Year 2019 – Addis says it is absolutely delighted at the response received from the innovative design. The basket boasts a large 38-litre capacity, yet once collapsed down, it can be stored neatly beside the washing machine or in the cupboard. If you are looking for a key items to promote taking up minimal floor space, this could be great item to consider, says the company.  0800 515 300 

19 JULY 2019 DIY WEEK 13

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