furniture that can be put together to suit individual requirements is still particularly popular for this purpose. In this way, current models are suitable for use in small areas as well as for creating luxurious seating ensembles, the colours of which can be varied. Extremely resistant and fast-drying high-tech materials provide soft seating comfort, soft contours and even more of a living room-like appearance – which works well with the ongoing trend towards woven textiles, as well as ropes and straps for outdoor furniture. Expansive relaxing islands, with a sun roof that protects against the heat and wind, offer lots of space or invite people to relax together. People, who prefer a lighter and more mobile alternative, can opt for beanbags or pouffées made of waterproof textiles as seating and lounging options.

Optimised comfort In addition to relaxing, the increased need for more comfort has another reason: The growing target group of the ’Best Agers’ or over 50s demands well-being quality in their open air living room. Ergonomic, comprehendible and easy-to-operate design is thus gaining in significance. Low and comfortable models, such as the classic wing chair, rocking chairs or daybeds, are experiencing a renaissance for outside. Footrests or storage space for books and drinks also increase the comfort level in

the fresh air. Sunshades equipped with sophisticated technologies can be moved at the gentle kick of a foot. On the gardening front, particularly

user-friendly options, such as raised flower beds and planting tables at back-friendly heights, ensure optimal user comfort. Even the latest grill models have been adapted to suit the working height of this target group.

the outdoor area. Bright colours for the sitting surfaces and frames or colourful cushions set an accent here. Cantilever chairs or seating furniture with runners are also linear and material-saving. Particularly the latter are currently making many models leaner. New collections, which are lent their rugged charm by natural wood frames, are also in line with the minimalist trend.

Minimal chic In the anniversary year of Bauhaus, the same more and more frequently also applies for the terrace and the garden: Less is more. Filigree forms and reduced materials are providing a new purism in outdoor design. The reduction down to the essentials is here at the same time an expression of the new lifestyle that has a penchant for simplicity. Clear contours and slim shapes characterise a new generation of discrete furniture for

New grilling diversity Barbecuing remains to be one of the favourite open-air leisure time pastimes. However, today, increased importance is being placed on diversity when preparing grilled food. Thanks to the accessories on modern high-tech grills there are numerous possibilities, including smoking, curing or baking. New high temperature and upper heat models lend the meat a totally new flavour. Cast-iron plancha grills, stack grills for barbecuing directly in the embers or XXL fire plates are implemented to extend the methods of preparation. Even the good old fire ton is versatile nowadays and offers flexible attachments with grill and wok holders. Multifunctional is also the motto for the accessories such as barbecue lights with LED and integrated Bluetooth loudspeakers.

Homely outdoor kitchens With a growing offer of outdoor kitchens, cooking in the open air has long since developed into more than

just the classic barbecue evening. Modern kitchen units for outdoors can be individually combined with elements like sinks, fridges or worktops following the modular construction principle and can also be safely installed on a balcony. Thanks to high-quality design

and technical sophistication the new models are on a par with their indoor counterparts. Specially- designed frame profiles or special supports create the homely look, are extremely weatherproof and can be coated with different decors. Furthermore, foldable side panels offer protection against the wind and rain.

Accessories set accents In times that are characterised by variety, one’s own garden is also becoming a diversified world of experience. Round, organic shapes and flowing structures for plant tops lend the outdoor area its own totally individual atmosphere. In contrast to the still prevailing grey shades, the trend colour of the year ‘living coral’, as well as bright shades, are setting summer accents on the terrace. The design of current outdoor accessories is dominated by a decorative mixture between patterns and ornaments and is lending plant pots or carpets and cushions an exotic touch. Different decors and styles are being combined with each other, which ultimately provides a cheerful overall look.

19 JULY 2019 DIY WEEK 21

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