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PT Surya Multi Indopack installs slitter rewinder capability

PT Surya Multi Indopack (PTSMI) are a converter in Indonesia with dedicated factories for Flexo printing and Rotogravure. As part of their ongoing expansion they needed additional slitting capacity with the flexibility to handle a wide range of substrates. Universal Converting Equipment recently installed a

Universal X6VT slitter rewinder in the Rungkut Rotogravure facility. The production plant is certified to conform to ISO 22000:2005; a standard requirement for suppliers of food packaging materials. The new X6VT is located in a clean room to ensure standards are maintained. Commenting on the installation, Mike Wilkinson, Universal

Converting Equipment sales executive said, “I have known PTSMI for many years. They are a tough customer; wanting the best equipment and high efficiency. The Universal X6VT has automatic knife positioning (rotary shear and razor), automatic unloading of the finished rolls and automatic core positioning. These automation features greatly reduce set up time for new jobs and dramatically reduce stopped time between sets of rolls. Roll quality is improved due to the accurate setting of knives and cores. Closed loop tension control guarantees that finished rolls are always wound at the correct tension. I worked closely with Rijanto Joesoef, Owner of PTSMI, and his team to ensure that the machine met their current and future needs.”

Parkside helps two farmers create first compostible crisp packet

Savoury snack manufacturer, Two Farmers, has become the first brand in the world to use a compostable pack for crisps after collaborating with packaging solutions specialist, Parkside. The pack comprises a multi-layer laminate created from wood-pulp that has been sourced from waste from eucalyptus plantations. Its high oxygen and moisture barrier performance helps to extend the shelf life of the crisps contained inside and maintains optimum flavour and freshness to enhance consumer enjoyment of the product. At the end of its service life the pack is fully home compostable and has been

designed to break down within 26 weeks, gaining accreditation from TUV (formerly Vincotte). Developed to support Two Farmers’ vision of being a sustainable, environmentally friendly brand offering plastic-free packaging, the collaboration with Parkside has enabled the company to become the first crisps manufacturer in the world to use an accredited home compostable pack, beating the likes of Walkers to the punch.


KSM Superclean has announced it can now supply high quality spares, contact cleaning rollers and consumables for many other makes of contact cleaner, regardless of age. Contact cleaning machines are used across a wide range of industries including electronics, labels, printing, glass, cleanrooms and converting to remove contamination down to the micron level to improve performance, increase yields and reduce waste. David Westwood, sales and marketing manager at KSM Superclean said: "By supplying spare parts, rollers and consumables for many other makes of contact cleaner including our own make, companies can extend the life of their equipment and be assured it is operating at optimal efficiency by restoring equipment to ‘like new condition'. We have over 20 years experience in the contact cleaning field so we have an intimate understanding of the applications and processes where our rollers are used. The surface of the contact cleaning roller is crucial to their performance so all our rollers are engineered to the most exacting quality standards to guarantee maximum efficiency when removing contamination." KSM has also introduced a roller re-coating and regrinding service which means that the life of existing

rollers can be extended and costs reduced as the original shaft and fittings can be re-used. 

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