Coating & Laminating Premier’s adhesive solutions hold strong

Premier Coating & Converters (PCC) Ltd pride themselves on their ability to provide the exact adhesive solution for every specific and bespoke application

difficulty when it comes to potential temperature challenges. With two in-house custom design coating lines as well as the technical expertise at hand this enables PCC to produce products with the assurance of quality required within today’s demanding market, using only water-based acrylic.

NO PAPER, MOSTLY POLY… Polyesters, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Aluminium, these are some of the materials that PCC coat on a regular basis with printability for conventional print along with a digital range for laser and inkjet. Aligned with many other specialist products that customers request, such as Destructible Acetate, Spun bound polyolefin, Spine tape, Pattern Coating to name just a few. Added to this their flexible outlook means that they are able to offer a bespoke service for most coating needs. The customer isn’t necessarily ordering from stock lines they can have whatever combination of substrate adhesive and release liner from small to large volume all made to order!

THE JOURNEY Trading for over 25 years, PCC has been providing precise self-adhesive solutions to their customers both domestically and internationally. This UK based company is proud to be accredited with ISO: 9001 2015 standard. The journey for the company has been a successful one, this is in part down to the consistency of investment in staff, machinery and technical support over those years has been paramount to their continued success. This, aligned with partnerships gained and upheld with customers and suppliers has shown a sustained growth, during turbulent trading times. PCC’s experienced staff have been working within the coating and converting industry with over two-hundred years of expertise to call on. Focus is on the talent coming up within the business are equipped with the knowledge that has been passed down are in-turn, encouraged to work efficiently and effectively to give the best that they can to their customers. This business structure is one that the company is proud of and is at the forefront of everything they do.

16 May 2019

SUBSTRATE TO THE POINT The company have enjoyed continued success with its association with the PPG Teslin substrate which, combined with their exclusive BS 5609 adhesive, to create its prominent label product used primarily in the A4 sheet market, amongst other things including chemical drum GHS labels. This specialist producer is manufacturing label stock for the most demanding applications in the harshest of conditions. PCC pride themselves on being able to find the perfect adhesive solution for each and every application, the company produce on-roll or sheeted products up to 1.5 metres wide and 12 to 450μ thickness. Basically, if the substrate is on a roll, no matter its thickness PCC can coat it!! They can facilitate the construction of most products requested of them and can expertly coat these products from freezer grade to microsphere, surmounting any

THE U IN GLUE PCC have a wide range of specialist adhesives that they combine with a range of substrates to produce the highest quality bespoke products for any application. Ranging from BS 5609 accredited hi-tack permanent to microsphere and removable, they are driven to ensure that the perfect adhesive is utilised for each specific requirement. PCC understands the essential need for the perfect self-adhesive solution; regardless of whether the adhesive needs to be water resistant, freezer grade or heat activated. They know that the customers’ needs of receiving faultless self-adhesive product is paramount to a great working relationship, if the adhesive doesn’t stick, the relationship won’t stick either, which is key to the process. The company’s philosophy of creating constant results and providing the correct solution for each of its customer’s requirements is exactly why PCC is able to match and continue to compete within this industry sector. 

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