Ink & Ink Dispensers

Ancillary program optimises flexo ink supply T

resu’s ancillary program, including ink supply systems and chamber doctor blades,

automatically regulates the supply of ink and coating media to the press, enabling clean, consistent print results, with improved uptime, reduced waste, faster printing speeds and minimal manual input. The F10 iCon ink supply system provides stable and controlled ink circulation, by maintaining precise flow, pressure and viscosity levels at predetermined values. The system provides significant material and time savings by automatically returning remaining ink to the bucket at the end of the production run, and thorough, simultaneous chamber cleaning in a matter of minutes. Tresu’s chamber doctor blades,

engineered for optimal performance, ink consumption and ink preservation in an enclosed environment, are available with carbon fiber or ceramic surfaces for corrosion-resistance and effective automatic cleaning. Patented seals prevent foaming, ink contamination and leakage, while enabling uniform, accurate ink transfer at high printing speeds. For wide web applications (1600mm to 6000mm / 63inch to 236.22inch) the carbon fiber MaxiPrint Concept features an integrated nozzle with a water-shot mechanism, allowing efficient chamber and anilox roll cleaning. Other Tresu chamber doctor blades include the SAVEink chamber for narrow web, and FlexiPrint Easy chamber for flexible packaging applications. The intelligent iSeries offers an innovative

control platform that interfaces directly with the Tresu Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS). IDMS is a state-of-the-art, proactive system that monitors the chiller

Toyo Ink to open sales office in Morocco T

oyo Ink, the parent company of the Toyo Ink Group of Japan, has announced plans to open a new sales subsidiary in Casablanca, Morocco, in preparation for a full-scale business launch into the African continent. Eyeing the future economic progress of Africa, the company will set up its very first office on the continent, Toyo Ink North Africa S.A.R.L., for the medium- to long-term timeframe, with

paid-in capital of EUR 2.4 million. “Following China and India, the African continent is believed to be one of the future growth engines of the global economy,” says Katsumi Kitagawa,

Group CEO of Toyo Ink Group. “Up until now, the Toyo Ink Group had been developing its business in the region by way of our existing operating bases. These efforts are now beginning to pay off as sales in the region have been steadily rising. The decision to establish an office in Morocco is a result of this early success and our need to focus on branding efforts, as we continue to solidify our position as a global single-source provider of integrated printing and packaging solutions.” Toyo Ink North Africa will be engaged in developing business opportunities for a wide range of Group products such as commercial printing inks, liquid

(flexo and gravure) inks and adhesives for food packaging, and can coatings. It will market existing Group products while functioning as a market research hub to help promote products customised to the unique needs of local markets. Moreover, the new subsidiary will not only focus on expanding sales and the development of ink products, but also work to increase sales of the Group’s growing chemical businesses. Through its business activities, Toyo Ink North Africa aims to form a solid foundation on which to make a positive contribution to the growth and development of African nations over the long term, and to ultimately realise the Group vision of creating a vibrant world in which all living beings and the environment can coexist harmoniously. 34 May 2019

and alerts the Tresu service department of any performance issues, facilitating remote diagnostics and enabling swift remedial action. This system can also be run with offset and digital presses. Tresu’s Flexo Innovator press, for high- value paperboard packaging applications, combines outstanding print quality, high output, fast job changes, sustainable printing and ergonomic design. Available in several widths between 670mm and 1,700mm (26.38inch to 66.92inch), the Flexo Innovator is a custom- configured multi-process, inline printing and converting press for folding carton board, paper, laminates and metallic substrates. Thanks to its modular design, the Flexo

Innovator may incorporate multiple processes and ink sets, enabling complex and distinctive packaging designs to be

printed and converted in a single pass. Options include water-based, solvent and UV-curable inks, as well as high-end complementary processes such as reverse printing, gravure, inkjet, cold-foil lamination and converting. With high-speed unit-to- unit air drying, automated ink supply and sleeve systems, the press provides a stable, efficient printing platform at speeds of up to 800 meters per minute (2,625ft/min). It includes features that reduce waste, energy usage and emissions, reflecting Tresu’s commitment to minimising the environmental footprint of flexographic print. Efficient energy consumption is achieved with a unique gas heating solution and a software design where servo motors run with relatively low power.

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