Sustainable Converting Significant investment and education

needed to meet recycling targets UK plastic packaging company, Cambrian Packaging, has said that without investment in recycling infrastructure, producers will be unable to meet future targets

Packaging (Extended Producer Responsibility) Bill which, if passed, would require producers of plastic packaging to assume 100 per cent of the responsibility for their collection, transportation, recycling, disposal, treatment and recovery. This is only around 10 per cent at present. Following the Bill’s parliamentary debate,


Lloyd Harvey, sales executive at Cambrian Packaging, says: “That’s all well and good, but we simply cannot meet that level of recycling if there isn’t the capacity to do it. We need to see investment at national level in addition to a public education programme to change behaviours.” The debate on April 3 was led by Anna

McMorrin, MP for Cardiff North and member of the Environmental Audit Committee, who put forward the Bill. She said charges on producers should be modulated, varying based on the recyclability of packaging, with higher

10 May 2019

ambrian Packaging, based in Newtown, Wales, has been tracking the progress of the

fees for using more environmentally damaging materials. McMorrin told fellow MPs: “The issue needs structural, systemic change at Government and industry level. To do that, we need to legislate to incentivise big business and packaging producers to take responsibility for their waste and ensure the right infrastructure is there.” Cambrian Packaging has already taken

steps this year to help reduce plastic waste by donating £3,000 towards The Globe Foundation’s Litterbug Project. The money has funded a machine which will recycle single-use plastics and transform them into reusable items.

COMMERCIALLY SOUND PLAN Harvey says: “Until there is a realistic and commercially sound plan to scale up our national recycling capacity to meet the ideals, discussion on what section of industry, government or society underwrites the cost involved is academic.” The Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, which is currently under

consultation, sets out four options: an ‘enhanced business as usual’ approach, a ‘single management organisation’, a separate scheme for household and commercial packaging and a ‘deposit- based government managed system’, where producers would be charged an upfront fee for packaging, redeemable once it is recycled. Cambrian Packaging offers products in

its Ecycle material, which is rHDPE (100 per cent recycled plastic). All of the bottles, caps, pails, tubs and lids stocked are recyclable, along with most of the trigger heads. Cambrian is also looking into 100 per cent plastic lotion pumps. Cambrian Packaging is a pioneering

and well-established international supplier of plastic packaging. A privately owned, family run and based in Newtown, Wales. Since 1993, it has provided innovative and design-led packaging that meets specific customer requirements and wider market demands.

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