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New recyclate Initiative at PLMA trade show in Amsterdam

The figures are nothing short of alarming. By 2050 plastic will outweigh fish in the world's oceans if every year another nine million tons of plastic trash find their way to the sea via unsecured landfills and rivers. Given the relevance and urgency of resolving the marine litter problem, the demand is growing among providers of private label products for sustainable packaging with a high share of recyclates, i.e., recycled plastic. With its cooperation partners, the ECC Ecological Cleaning and Care GmbH of the Werner & Mertz Group is presenting the Recyclate Initiative at the international trade show PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) in Amsterdam. The Initiative promotes effective recycling. The shared goal is the development of sustainable material cycles in which materials from the Yellow Bag source are used. After all, the solution for clean oceans lies on land. Only when plastic packaging is upcycled after its use and directed into a closed-loop system, there's no chance that it can end up as waste in the ocean. On 21 and 22 May, five companies will present their latest developments and innovations to about 15,000 visitors from 120 countries at the "World of Private Label" trade show. At the shared booth the initiative shows the entire cycle of a PET and HDPE bottle made of recyclates, from the collection of plastic waste in the Yellow Bag and the processing of recycled plastic into new packaging to the product on the retail shelf. ECC, The Green Dot and ALPLA, the Mondi Group and Siegwerk are joining the Recyclate Initiative booth for the first time this year. Mondi is presenting a completely

recyclable stand-up pouch made of a monomaterial (polyethylene) with removable wrap-around label, which it developed within the Recyclate Initiative and according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. "Intelligently designed

packaging can help reduce the amount of waste that enters the environment," says Thomas Kahl, project manager EcoSolutions, Mondi Consumer Packaging. "We are proud that with this new concept we have taken a giant step forwards in the circular economy."

4 May 2019   


RPC Promens is producing a dispensing solution for the AdBlue diesel engine fluid from Brenntag, the chemical distributor. Designed by RPC Design, the bespoke 4

litre HDPE bottle provides a drip-free dispensing method for AdBlue, which reduces Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) exhaust emissions and needs to be poured through a separate filler hole. The brief for the pack was to create an

original and eye-catching design that was easy and safe to use. The resulting bottle features a distinctive shape which ensures all the liquid drains from the pack, while the ergonomic handle aids the pouring process. As the liquid can be corrosive, effective

non-drip dispensing was essential. The dispensing nozzle’s three injection

moulded polypropylene components create a system that automatically dispenses when inserted into the filling hole. For smooth and glug-free dispensing the design allows air to pass back into the bottle and automatically shuts off when the nozzle is withdrawn to avoid spillages. The nozzle incorporates a dust over-cap to prevent contamination and an integrally moulded tamper evident band. When the nozzle is inserted into the tank, the outer shell slides back and opens the dispensing hole and air return hole. The liquid can then pass into the tank easily without glugging. As the nozzle is withdrawn, the outer shell slides back over the dispensing hole, pushed by integrally moulded plastic springs. This cuts off the flow and stops drips.

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