Coating & Laminating Self-adhesive superiority

PCC’s self-adhesive BS5609 accredited label stock is an industry-proven solution for chemical drum labelling applications incorporating their exclusive marine adhesive with the PPG TESLIN substrate


or over 25 years, Premier Coating & Converters Ltd (PCC) have excelled when it comes to

providing quality self-adhesive materials globally. Working closely with suppliers has been

at the forefront of PCC’s thinking, none more so than with PPG Industries – the sole producer of the PPG TESLIN® substrate. With proven technologies and a trusted process behind them, they are the leading provider of the self-adhesive PPG TESLIN product within the UK and Europe. A durable synthetic paper, the PPG TESLIN® substrate has a micro-porous structure that enables it to form strong bonds with adhesives, inks and toners for long-lasting, reliable printed information; enabling our customers to obtain BS5609 Section 3 accreditation, if it should it be required. PPG TESLIN® substrate performs well with a wide range of high-temperature and digital colour printing technologies, including laser, inkjet and thermal- transfer printing. As one of the largest suppliers of this

material in Europe, Premier Coating & Converters Ltd.’s combination of exclusive adhesives and the PPG TESLIN® substrate excels in the harshest of conditions. Whether this be in extreme temperatures, or

Visit Premier Coating & Converters Ltd at LabelExpo Europe 2019

After showcasing their range of self- adhesive materials at LabelExpo Europe 2017, PCC will be returning to the exhibition meet old and new customers alike. 2019 now marks the second visit to the city of Brussels for the Hampshire based team and they would like you to drop by and say hello! The 2017 show witnessed a variety of

exciting new leads and enquiries taken over the course of the four-day event. Attention has now turned to this year’s exhibition and they look forward to building upon their previous success, enhancing existing relationships and creating new ones along the way. Please visit them at Stand 8A17 to see

how they can help create your perfect label solution.

PRINT METHOD COMPATIBILITY If you are transitioning from thermal transfer printing of black-and-white chemical drum labels to digital printing of GHS compliant labels, you can make the transition using the same label paper and label stock.

testing weather conditions, their specialist adhesives ensure that every need is met allowing their customers to utilise a tried and tested product that can be relied upon time after time.

Static build-up that many synthetic substrates are vulnerable to is dangerous in environments involving volatile chemicals. Static electrical currents have the potential to spark fires or cause shocks for press operators. Using PPG TESLIN® substrate reduces the potential for electrical discharge as its micropores naturally absorb and dissipate static. (PPG TESLIN® substrate passes ESDS.541 at 50 per cent relative humidity).

LABEL INFORMATION DURABILITY There are two ways that Premier Coating & Converters Ltd’s self-adhesive label stock, formulated from PPG TESLIN® substrate and PCC’s exclusive BS5609 accredited Marine Adhesive, achieve the protection of important hazard and shipping information for GHS label compliance: The first, is the unique microporous

structure of the PPG TESLIN® substrate that absorbs inks and toners, locking the printed information into the face stock. This locking in renders the information

impervious to scraping and other similar damage. The second is its powerful bonding with Premier Coating & Converters Ltd's exclusive BS5609 accredited (Sections 1 & 2) Marine Adhesive, that successfully bonds with a wide range of container surfaces.

WATER RESISTANCE PCC’s Marine Adhesive and the PPG TESLIN® substrate have both earned BS 5609 (section 1 & 2) label certification for immersion in seawater. Making this product the self-adhesive label stock the right choice for your GHS labelling needs.

FASTER PRODUCTION The micropores in PPG TESLIN® substrate accelerate the drying time of inks and toners. This means that production throughputs aren’t affected by long waiting times for inks and toners to dry. PCC ensures that all of their customers

are provided with a perfect labelling solution for their application. Please visit or call +44 (0)1264 358633 to see how you can benefit from their expertise. May 2019 17

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