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With the rise of social media influencers championing the therapeutic virtues of keeping a clean and tidy living space, and the introduction of new, designer cordless appliances equipped with smart connectivity, now seems to be a very good time to be selling floorcare. In our first feature this month, we ask the brands about the market, and how they see themselves helping independent retailers make the most of this golden age.


or Novia Imm, Indoor Cleaning Category Manager at BSH, there is

only one product currently making the running – the cordless cleaner. “Where previously the market was very much split between upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, it is now dominated by cordless products. This is because consumers are largely looking for lightweight products that are easy to manoeuvre as well as able to adapt to different surfaces. Cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be lighter — great for those who struggle with heavier vacuums — and they are also easier to move around as users are not restricted by a cord or proximity to power sockets. “The Unlimited Serie 6 cordless upright vacuum cleaner is an excellent case in point. Weighing just 2.3kg (Bosch’s lightest cordless vacuum cleaner to date), features include the motorised AllFloor Power Brush offering superior cleaning on all surfaces. It also comes with an accessory kit for those hard to reach nooks and crannies around the home and even in the car.”

Joseph Yaxley, product manager for

Floorcare at Miele GB agrees. “Demand for cordless vacuum cleaners continues to grow with customers appreciating their ease and convenience. At Miele, we are excited to launch our first ever 3-in-1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner, the Triflex HX1. We have researched the best the

market has to offer and combined these learnings with our vast experience in this

product category to create what we believe is the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner." For Catrin Davies, senior product manager

at Hoover SDA, however, things aren’t quite so cut and dried. “Whilst the cordless category is growing, there is still demand for corded models. Consumer perception of cordless models has changed significantly, and they are now widely recognised as a trusted appliance, even by those that prefer uprights. However, there is still a strong market for corded vacuums. “We pride ourselves on offering a range

of products to suit consumer’s wide-ranging needs, including upright, bagless, cylinder, stick, bagged and handheld models. “With the rising popularity of cordless, customers and retailers are looking for more from this style of vacuum, with manufacturers expected to innovate and launch more

powerful and versatile models.” 14 |

Innovation is clearly key in the cordless sector, as Geoff

Johnson, Witt Sales Director, UK & Ireland, explains. “Market demand has given rise to the creation of a

whole new series of designer looks, smart products, which can build on the lucrative association between household cleaning, and health as well as fitness. Cordless vacuum cleaner brands, such as Roidmi, are leading the way, not only offering a smart application that can be used to check practical things, like battery levels, the filter condition and when the bin is full, but also, how many calories users burn per cleaning session. “The ever-increasing prevalence of

allergies and poor air quality has also inspired brands to work on updating their existing health-related features. Multi-filtration systems are now being re-designed to include HEPA filters, which can eradicate dust, dander and pollen particles as small as 0.3 microns.”

An appliance these days wouldn’t be complete without some form of connectivity associated with it, as Catrin Davies points out. “Connectivity is gaining traction in

this space as well. For example, the Hoover

H-FREE 800 cordless stick vacuum cleaner is Wi-Fi connected, providing the user with access to data such as the number of calories burned during use via the Hoover Wizard app.” Traditionally, battery life has been seen as

a potentially limiting factor when it comes to cordless vacuums, but better technology and increased R&D is pushing back the limits of what is possible, as Geoff Johnson explains. “Manufacturers now have to ensure that their products can be used as alternatives for traditional corded vacuum cleaners. No longer restricted by limited run times, cordless vacuum cleaners from brands such as Roidmi can be charged in just two and a half hours and used for over an hour, giving users more than enough time to vacuum entire floors of multi- storey homes.” Novia Imm agrees. “Excellent battery life is another key feature that consumers are looking for when purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner. They want to be sure that it will last long enough to get the cleaning done — particularly important if the user has a big house with lots of carpets.

February/March 2020

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