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Cleaning up your bottom line

In our regular Tools of the trade feature this month, as premium cordless stick cleaner brand Roidmi rolls out through CIH Agency and direct to independents through Witt UK & Ireland, Sales Director Geoff Johnson looks at ways to maximise your stick vacuum sales and clean up in this busy sector.


oint-of-sale is key in the crowded stick vacuum cleaner market as customer’s

eyes are naturally drawn to attractively designed products in the window and up the front of the store. Roidmi’s S-Series and X-Series cleaners have won six international design awards so there is plenty of eye candy to display, particularly when these white cleaners are presented on the dedicated black Roidmi display stands. If you are yet to obtain the bespoke display stands, Roidmi’s full-colour print boxes make a great backdrop too. Either way, getting machines on display highlights your expertise as a vacuum cleaner specialist. The category is often a semi-impulse purchase as the customers’ old one might be getting ‘long of tooth’ or they are simply yet to experience a modern, powerful, cordless stick cleaner. Showing off the latest cordless models and demonstrating the suction, lightweight design and features can tip a browser into a buyer. Yet one vacuum cleaner a display does not make! If you want to be seen as a trusted expert for the brand, you will need two or three different models on display, plus readily available accessories and consumables like filters. Having three models delivers a neat good/better/ best trade-up route through the sales process too. As well as making them visible, keep

cordless vacuums plugged in and charged up, and be prepared to demonstrate the cleaner and all its functions. Make sure you have an instore ‘expert’ on cleaners who knows the ins and outs of

each model, the run times on different power settings, weight and suction power. They need to highlight not just the features but explain the advantages and benefits of them. For example; “This cleaner is very low noise so it won't disturb your family or neighbours even if you clean late at night.” Or, “Do you have pets? This model is ideal for pets because it has anti-tangle brush bar so hairs won’t get caught around the

roller and a filter that will catch pet dander.”

Simple sales literature is not the easiest way to learn your way around a new brand and

new products, which is where account managers and merchandisers

come in. The best brands will support independents with real live help and support, with knowledgeable team members regularly visiting stores to train your staff and help with merchandising. That level of service and support has been in severe decline over the last decade with many brands opting to deal with independents remotely, if at all. At Witt, we have always believed in the power of the independent retailer and will continue to support the channel and retailers that work with us. We are in the process of enlisting more sales/merchandisers to help independents in the north, south of the country plus Wales and Ireland, covering our Roidmi and iRobot floorcare products. Of course, selling that level of service and support for the product through to the customer is just as important, particularly with a brand relatively new to the market. We have worked hard to ensure rock-solid back-up and

after-sales service for the independent channel including a two-year guarantee, and five-year

12 |

motor warranty, across all Roidmi models. Unlike most cordless vacuum competitors, that two-year guarantee includes the battery, which is a great sales story to reassure potential customers. Should things go wrong, Roidmi has enlisted a UK service agent that offers a 7-day turn-around on repairs. Yet arguably the most important tool of all is

stocking the right stick vacuum cleaner brands in the first place. In the very healthy but very crowded cordless cleaner market, the key is to sell on quality, performance and after-sales service. The sector is awash with low-value under-achieving models, and even big-name brands putting their name to OEM products to get something in the market. There is no point in trying to compete with brands that sell on price and through every multiple chain and on-line store, often at very heavily discounted prices. Roidmi offers independents a real alternative

to the main-stream cordless vacuum players. It is a serious brand with massive R&D investment from parent company Xiaomi, the well respected mobile phone giant. Every model offers equal or better performance to the household brand name products, award- winning design and back-up that supports the independent channel from pre-sales merchandising to after-sales service. Selling premium cordless cleaners, with

upwards of 100 Air-Watts of suction power, hosts of unique features - like super lightweight design, wet mopping accessories and even optional app control - will make the difference between a commodity sale and one that adds significantly to your bottom line.

Roidmi is now available through CIH members through Agency stock and to all independent dealers directly from Witt UK & Ireland.

February/March 2020

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