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Garland/Worth Gardening to launch over 70 new

products at Glee 2017 Garland / Worth Gardening is launching of over 70 new products on its Stand Hall 18H10-K11 at Glee in 2017.

New products to be launched include:

• A self-watering grow pot tower that is ideal for growing tomatoes, peppers sweet peas etc.

• Hanging basket liners, consisting of capillary matting and universal liners.

• A leaf and garden rake. • A new range of paint brushes, paint rollers and a practical Wash ‘A’ Way tool for quick cleaning of brushes or rollers.

• A new pest control range comprising pre-baited mouse and rat traps, a humane mouse trap, indoor pest repellers, outdoor pest and animal repellers and a solar panel kit for outdoor repellers.

• Rolls of flexible ties, two thicknesses of new cushioned soft ties and a spiral tree guard.

• Plastic bag rolls for garden waste, rubble and general purpose use. • New garden covers for hanging chairs and casual dining sets. • A long handled litter picker. • New garden basics, including plant rings, seed sowers, hook and loop tie, greenhouse fittings, little drippas for the tops of water bottles..

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DJ Turfcare to launch

RHS range at Glee 2017 DJ Turfcare – one of the UK’s most formidable suppliers of lawn care products – is excited to announce that at Glee 2017 (11th – 13th September, NEC Bimingham) the

company will be officially launching its RHS endorsed range of chemical- free lawn fertiliser products.

Made up of MO Bacter, Bio-Lime and Recovery, the range – created by Belgian lawn care experts, Viano, and distributed by DJ Turfcare in the UK – marks the first lawn care range of this type to receive endorsement from the Royal Horticulture Society.

At Glee, retailers visiting the DJ Turfcare stand will be able to find out more about the products on offer. Glee will also mark the first time that retailers will see the newly designed packaging that will support this new RHS endorsed range. Featuring a prominent RHS logo, the packaging has been designed to entice consumers at the point of purchase.

David Jenkins, Managing Director at DJ Turfcare, said: “We are incredibly excited to be launching this RHS endorsed range to the market. We believe that receiving the RHS endorsement will be of significant benefit to retailers. The RHS is a highly regarded and recognisable body, and will offer consumers peace of mind and confidence when buying products that are endorsed by them, ultimately boosting sales.”

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GLEE Supplement September 2017 Smart New Retail Easy Gardening has

a new look for 2018! Shake n Rake™ has been one of G Plants’ best selling lines for over ten years, and from 2018 will appear under the brand Speedy Seed to breath some new life into this great value product.

‘Easy Gardening’ lines are a range of products aimed at the amateur gardener who wants a great looking garden with little effort, perfect for those impulse buys that increase sales from spring and throughout the summer.

Speedy Seed™ branded products from G Plants will include the best selling Shake n Rake™, new collections of Seed Discs, Tapes and brand new Decorative Stake Garden Sets.

All new lines will be launching at Glee, (Hall 19 C10) with great in-store display options available, visit their stand this September or download their latest brochure from their website. Look out for extra special 30% off deal when placing orders at Glee too!

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Carton for CastClear® CastClear® is a proven combination of both organic and unique nutrient materials large and small. It's the solution to lawn worm cast problems and has been selling in Garden Centres since the autumn of 2011 via 350 retail stockists. To enhance further retail sales CastClear® is rolling out a smart new retail carton into the garden retail sector this autumn.

Attractively packaged

The sizes of 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml are displayed as an attractive mix and have boosted sales to consumers. As POS (Point of Sale) becomes even more critical, this attractively packaged product really stands out on the shelves! The peak selling period for CastClear® is August to April but it does sell all year round on the product shelves. CastClear® compliments and enhances any lawn care display and will increase your sales so why not stock CastClear® now?

10,000 Litres M.D. Mike Seaton confirms that sales of CastClear® are now well in excess of 10,000 litres. It's both a worm suppressant and a deterrent and is proven to control casts on both lawns and sports turf. It is unique in using a surfactant system that retains the nutrient in the upper soil structure where it remains to form a barrier which the earthworms do not like to pass through. This provides both a persistent and deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by the plant roots.

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