Green is the colour of the year in many sectors – especially good news for garden retailers who can utilise plants to form compelling displays

Trends, innovations and getting smart

Spoga+gafa 2017 is gearing up for another major showcase. The show organisers provide some insight into what visitors can expect

he preparations for spoga+gafa 2017 (September 3 to 5 in Cologne) are in full swing, with the tradeshow continuing on its course of growth. Around 2,000 exhibitors will demonstrate all of the trends and innovations for the outdoor season 2017/18 at the world's largest garden fair, spoga+gafa, which is being staged in Cologne from September 3 to 5, 2017. With a broad range of exhibitors, there will be plenty of product innovations in categories from outdoor cooking to lighting and smart gardening, as well as point of sale solutions, for attendees to hunt out the latest ranges which will work for their business.


Market trends Among the opportunities presented by the international tradeshow is the chance to catch up on some of the latest trends in the gardening and outdoor living market. Trend-conscious city dwellers are

increasingly taking joy in growing their own vegetables. What in the past was only common in the country or in allotment gardens that were labelled as being square, is now conquering the metropolises. Urban gardening is the buzzword that describes

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tomatoes, red peppers and strawberries growing on balconies, roof terraces and in back yards. As such a new garden culture has established itself that is becoming more and more popular all the time. According to a representative GfK survey,

39% of the consumers who own a balcony or garden, use them for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs - with an upward trend. Hence, the summer living-room is become real living space. And the consumers want to decorate it in a modern, stylish design. The manufacturers of garden furniture and

accessories are increasingly discovering the potential of the urban outdoor oases. Thus, under focus: the city outdoor trend with products that are elegant as well as practical and space-saving. On top of that, multifunctional furniture as well as comfort- providing and ergonomic features are also increasingly finding their way outdoors. In terms of colours, everything revolves around green and barbecuing is becoming smart using elaborate equipment - through to the complete outdoor kitchen. Urbanisation is a global trend, and it will

affect the gardening market as much as any other. More and more people are moving to

the cities. Instead of a small house in the suburbs, in addition to young people, more and more high-income earners are opting for the pulsating city lifestyle. And they not only want to furnish their apartment stylishly, but also their balcony. That is why there is a large selection of products for the summer season 2017/18 that specifically address this target group. Here the focus is on design-oriented

outdoor furniture that can be variably implemented, constantly rearranged in new configurations and stowed away in a space- saving manner. They have a light, dainty appearance and are made of stylish materials that are hardly distinguishable from the indoor versions. The sophisticated balcony world is rounded off by compact sunshades, carpets and lamps as well as plant systems and gardening equipment for urban gardening that allow small areas to be optimally utilised.

Multifunctionality, digitalisation and quality

The days when the outdoor sofa was used exclusively for sitting on are long gone. Not least due to the limited amount of space on

GCU September 2017

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