ProductFinder USB charging with Crabtree’s new Metalclad socket

The robust shape and composition of Crabtree’s new Metalclad Dual USB socket-outlet makes it perfect to fit in a variety of applications, bringing a wider choice of USB socket outlets to the market. Meeting all relevant product standards, this

latest socket outlet from Crabtree is a 13A two gang switched socket with double pole switching – with two USB ports providing a total of 2.1 amps. Michael Simms, Product Manager for wiring

accessories at Electrium, comments: “We want to provide our customers with a solution for all their needs, and the Metalclad Dual USB Socket provides an extra option to an already wide range of wiring accessories. End users have different needs and the Metalclad USB socket outlet from Crabtree adds another option

and opens up more doors when it comes to our customers’ next project.” The socket’s durable finish, thanks to its

Metalclad features, makes it resistant to premature ageing, discolouration and corrosion. Industrial sites will benefit from its tough

exterior, allowing users to plug in devices safe in the knowledge that its surrounding environment won’t affect its performance. Educational facilities would also benefit from the advantages provided by the tough finish of the socket. For more information about the Metalclad

Dual USB socket-outlet, submit a request via:

Greenbrook’s LED cabinet lights –

the Gemini range Greenbrook Electrical has launched a new LED cabinet light fitting to expand its range of stylish and flexible low energy lighting targeted for both commercial and residential markets. Adding to contractor and

consultants’ specification choices, the new Gemini LED cabinet lights can be recessed or surface mounted and provide 165 lumens per unit for a service life of up to 30,000 hours. Easy to install and supplied

complete with driver, the new circular LED cabinet lights have a diameter of 65mm and are 21mm deep. Providing a high level of brightness at just three Watts, the light fittings are an extremely energy efficient and value for money option. These lights are available individually – or in triple packs.

Win, win: WISKA and WAGO The perfect combination – the iconic WISKA COMBI 407 Junction Box now complete with WAGO 221 Connectors.

WISKA UK Ltd has teamed up with WAGO to offer customers the COMBI 407, complete with WAGO connectors. “Time and time again

contractors kept commenting that they loved using our COMBI Junction Boxes with the WAGO connectors,” comments Terry Boswell, WISKA Sales Office Manager. “So, we decided to offer them just that! WISKA and WAGO together: win, win for everyone.” Win, win indeed! The COMBI 407 comes

with three WAGO 221 3 conductor lever connectors and is available in three junction box colour options (Light Grey, White and Black). For more information visit:

The popular Atlas Mini LED floodlight family – part of the energy saving Phoebe LED range – has been extended to include white powder coated fittings that will blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, particularly uPVC windows. The perfect replacement for inefficient halogen floodlights, the Atlas Mini luminaire has a sleek, slimline profile that gives the unit an unobtrusive appearance. The casing is lightweight yet durable with a die-cast aluminium construction and an IP66 rating that ensures reliability in any type of weather. The LED floodlight is available in 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W variants with the option of the fitting with or without an integrated PIR sensor. The integrated IP66 rated PIR sensor allows activation only when the unit detects presence and the sensor has an adjustable detection range of 5-12m, with additional function settings for control of light hold, lux levels and sensitivity. Atlas Mini has a 35,000-hour life with a

colour temperature of 4000K cool white, which is ideal for general outdoor lighting or to provide additional security for domestic or commercial premises. The range, which is also supplied in black, carries an 8-year warranty from Phoebe LED. For more information on Atlas Mini LED

Floodlight or any other product in the range, visit:

June 2018 electrical wholesaler | 47

Phoebe LED’s Atlas Mini range is now a bit of all white!

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