Chill-out with Airmaster fans and aircon units by C.E.D.

Wago lever connectors now up to 6mm2 With a new model, WAGO expands the applications of its compact lever connectors. The 221

Series lever connector range was previously limited to conductor cross-sections of up to 4mm2 The new version, rated at 450 V and 41 A, is suitable for three-phase installations or high-power


lighting, signal and HVAC systems in commercial buildings. It is also used for wiring high-powered appliances in residential properties. For outdoor lighting, it permits longer cable runs with less

voltage drop compared to smaller connectors. The 6mm² version now accommodates solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors from 0.5 mm2 The 6 mm2

to 6 mm2 . version utilises the same

CAGE CLAMP spring pressure technology found in all WAGO lever connectors, and comes in 2, 3 and 5 conductor variants. To connect, open the lever, insert a stripped

conductor into the conductor entry, then lower the lever to close the clamp, which applies the optimum pressure to keep conductors secure without damaging them. Wires can be removed by reopening the lever. The transparent housing shows that the wire is inserted properly and stripped to the correct

length. Two test slots allow connections to be tested from different directions, making the connector suitable for compact enclosures and tight spaces. The 221 range provides a quick, safe alternative to screw terminals.

New Airmaster portable de-humidifier.

The Airmaster heating, ventilation and hygiene range, includes a best-selling selection of cooling fans and portable air conditioning units – all at highly competitive prices. Desk fans operate with three speeds and are

available in 9”, 12” and 16” sizes, with the 12” also supplied in an antique design. Floor standing fans come in a range of styles

from a standard 16” pedestal fan to a tower fan with timer and an 18” high velocity pedestal fan with stainless steel blades. A 16” 3-speed pull- cord wall fan completes the fan range. Portable air conditioning is covered with an 850w 11500 BTU unit and a new de-humidifier, extracting up to 12 litres of water daily and featuring a detachable 2.5 litre water tank. Product quality is complemented by strong

four colour display boxes, plus the assurance provided by certification to BS3456 and BS EN 60335 standards. For more information, call 0208 503 8500

or visit:

The SALUS Smart Home

system just got smarter! SALUS’ Smart Home range of connected products has been extended with the addition of SR600 Relay – a switch device that enables users to take even more control of their smart home and appliances. Unlike the SALUS Smartplugs that connect plugged-in appliances to the Smart Home system, the SR600 Relay creates a hardwired semi-permanent solution that is able to control devices such as lighting, electrical heating, and even household appliances. All of this can be controlled from anywhere the user may be by using the SALUS Smarthome App. Boasting an industry leading rated capacity of 16A, users are able to

safely control more appliances, lighting and heating that require more current. Also, for homes with electric heating, this simple switch device brings the same level of control, comfort, and accuracy as found on hydronic and UFH systems. Installation of the SR600 Relay usually requires an electrician, and the device can be installed either directly into the junction box or discretely wall mounted using the SRS600 Surface Wall Mount Bracket. Once installed, the Relay is simple and quick to set up by simply adding it to the existing SALUS Smart Home system via the Universal Gateway. For more information call 01226 323961 or visit: Aico 3000 Series fire & CO alarms for full circle protection

Aico, a leader in domestic mains powered Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection, has launched the 3000 Series, which detects both Fire and CO. And for the first time, it includes a Multi- Sensor Heat & CO Alarm, providing whole property coverage from one Series. Unique to the 3000 Series, the Ei3028 Multi-Sensor Heat & CO Alarm

combines Heat and CO detection in one alarm – welcomed by landlords, contractors and residents alike. The Series also incorporates a mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm and single sensor Optical, Heat & CO Alarms. All alarms in the Series have an easi-fit base and feature intelligent sensors, AudioLINK data extraction and SmartLINK wireless interconnection and whole system data monitoring capability.

46 | electrical wholesaler June 2018 Award winning AudioLINK data

extraction technology enables real time alarm data (e.g. number of times tested and details of alarm activations) to be extracted directly to a smartphone or tablet via an App which creates an Alarm Status Report. AudioLINK also aids compliance for landlords,

providing proof that alarms are working at the start of a new tenancy and with annual Gas Safety Checks. Radio Frequency (RF) technology, SmartLINK enables alarms and system

accessories to be interconnected using RF signals rather than hard wiring. All alarms in the 3000 Series are backwards compatible with existing

Aico products.

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