Consort Claudgen launches new Heat brochure

Crompton extends the AR111 range

Lighting expert Crompton has extended its popular range of AR111 LED lamps to include a GU10 base version and cool white option. Offering excellent performance with less power consumption and low heat output, the lamps are perfect for retrofit applications and offer instant full light. The new LED lamp in the range is a 12.5W variant which is equivalent to a 100W Halogen and offers 15,000 hours’ operating life and also comes with a 3000K warm white as well as the new cool white option of 4000K. Other products in the range includes a 12.5W G53 which is the same size and shape as a Halogen lamp with 3000K warm white and 4000K cool white colour temperature options and 14W dimmable version with driver, perfect for display illumination in 2700K warm white and 4000K cool white variants. The AR111 lamps are ideal for indoor use in bars, restaurants, hotels and retail displays and

come with Crompton’s 3-year warranty. For further information, see the website: Graphite grey fire panels from ESP

Consort Claudgen’s new Heat brochure is now available in print and online. The full-colour, 48- page product directory has been designed with ease of use in mind and to assist readers in selecting the right products for their heating requirements and application. It provides information and a comprehensive explanation of various heating systems including the SL and RX Wireless Control Heating System, and Electronic 7-day Timer models. Two receiver units, which can be retrofitted to existing compatible heaters, have also been introduced, allowing the heaters to be wirelessly controlled by either an RX or SL wireless controller. All product information is detailed on their

new website at A free of charge advisory service is also available to assist with installation design or technical queries. For a copy of the brochure, contact Sales on 01646 692172, email or download it from:

ESP has relaunched its MAGfire addressable fire panels range with a new, improved design and a new model with a graphite grey housing, to sit alongside the original classic white version. The launch is in response to the growing demand for alternative finish options. The MAGPRO16 Addressable 16-Zone Fire

Panel and the MAGPRO96 Addressable 96- Zone Fire Panel are now each available in the two colour options, The MAGPRO16 offers 16 zones with 1 to 2 loops and a maximum of 250 devices per loop. It is networkable up to 32 panels, has a memory log capacity of 10,000 events and features a class change function. It incorporates a 4 x 40 character LCD display, free programming software and a micro USB port for PC connection. Loop and battery calculator software is also featured. The MAGPRO96 offers 96 zones with 1 to 4 loops and a maximum of 250 devices per loop. It is

networkable up to 32 panels and has a memory log capacity of 10,000 events. It features a 320 x 240 pixel touch screen display, free programming software and a micro USB port for PC connection. Loop and battery calculator software is also featured. Both the MAGPRO16 and MAGPRO96 are certified to EN54–2/4. VARILIGHT expands replacement dimmer module offer

VARILIGHT has expanded its range of replacement dimmer modules, for use on existing faceplates. Andrew Wilson, Commercial Manager, explains:

“When an end-user upgrades to dimmable LED lighting, they often just want to swap the module in their existing dimmer for a VARILIGHT LED dimmer and keep their faceplate, rather than replace the whole unit and risk it not matching their other accessories. “We have expanded our replacement dimmer modules to meet that demand and have simplified our product codes. All of our replacement dimmer module codes can easily be identified as they begin with ‘M’.” The high power 300W V-Pro LED Dimmer (MJP300) is also now available as a replacement module and is suitable for up to 30 dimmable LED lamps.

For dimmable LED lamps specifically requiring a

leading-edge dimmer, VARILIGHT also offer the V-Com LED Dimmer Series and various replacement module options are also now available in this range, suitable for up to 100W (MKP100), 180W (MKP180) and 400W (MKP400) respectively. Customers wishing to upgrade to VARILIGHT dimmers can also choose from a selection of replacement dimmer modules that now includes dimmers for halogen (such as the MIP302), a dimmer for ballasts and drivers requiring 1-10V control (MFP1M1), as well as push on/off only 2-way (MH0) and intermediate (MPINT) switch modules.

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