ProductFinder Aico expands Mobile Training & Demonstration Unit fleet

Aico Ltd, the UK residential Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms specialist, has launched a third Mobile Training & Demonstration Unit and has introduced online tracking for customers to locate their nearest unit. The training units enable Aico to deliver detailed Smoke and CO Alarm product and technology information, plus its CPD accredited Expert Installer training, right to customers’ doors. Information boards on Aico technologies, such as RadioLINK+ and

AudioLINK data extraction technologies, and alarm ranges – with functional product attached – are installed within the units, along with a virtual video tour of Aico’s manufacturing process in Shannon, Ireland. A dedicated Mobile Training & Demonstration Units web page – – has been created, featuring a

video about the Units, a 360° tour of one of the vehicles, and an innovative online tracker which identifies the current locations of the three Units, with future locations listed. Aico has trained over 16,500 customers in the new fleet of Mobile Training & Demonstration Units and at its Oswestry Centre of Excellence. Expert Installer is a modular training scheme created by Aico covering

residential Smoke and CO Alarm standards & regulations, alarm system design & installation and specific technologies. Expert Installer recently received CPD accreditation. For more information call 01691 664100, email or visit: Consort Claudgen announces new

SL single-zone controllers Consort Claudgen have introduced three new wireless controllers which can be connected to one or multiple SL heaters to form an SL heating system. All controllers

have comfort and setback temperature settings. The SLPB and SLVT controllers have a control button with status indicators and a 4-stage run-back timer where a heating period remains active until the run-back timer expires. There is a choice of three time periods available: 5, 15 or 30 minutes. When the button is pressed

four times, this takes the run-back time period to 20, 60 or 120 minutes. Additionally, the SLVT has temperature control buttons and a digital display to show the set

temperature. The SLTI, however, features a 7-day timer with three heating periods per day and is designed with four large control buttons with an electronic lock to prevent tampering with controls. For more information call 01646 692172 or visit:

Panasonic launches new Warranty

Scheme Panasonic has announced a new Warranty Scheme, with Standard, Extended and Extended+ options for its heating and cooling products purchased within the UK. Effective from 1 December 2017, the scheme provides a range of options for installers to choose

from. The extended warranty period of five and seven years, is dependent on the installer successfully completing the relevant training from Panasonic or an authorised Panasonic Distributor. “Our range of Warranties gives peace of mind to those specifying, installing and using Panasonic heating and cooling solutions. Linking the Extended and Extended+ Warranties to training adds value for installers and their customers, ensuring they are compliant, competent and fully trained to install Panasonic heating & cooling products, safely and correctly,” explains Paul Aitchison, Technical Manager, Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions. All purchases under the new warranty scheme will benefit from full parts and labour allowance,

providing peace of mind to the customer. For more information visit:

Light Efficient Design UK Limited announces the immediate availability of its unique LED-8083 retrofit solution for discrete downlight installations. With its small diameter elliptical design, the fully dimmable 30 Watt LED 8083 is an ideal replacement for 70 Watt SON lamps. The absence of a fan combined with a high light output makes it especially suited to lighting areas where silence is a prerequisite, such as churches and libraries. Providing clean, bright light (>80 CRI) and

saving up to 70% in energy costs and emissions, the 4,000K LED-8083 is fully CE and ROHS certified. It is compatible with DALI and 1-10 dimming and comes with E27 cap. Low maintenance is assured with a 50,000 hour rated lamp life, backed by a five-year warranty. Light Efficient Design UK’s Newbury-based

warehouse offers prompt delivery to UK/Ireland electrical wholesalers on all Light Efficient Design retrofit LED products. All Light Efficient Design products are manufactured at an ISO 9001 accredited facility. For more information call 01635 904204, email or visit: January 2018 electrical wholesaler | 43

For where light must be white and silence is golden

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