GRP trunking keeps station renovations on the right lines With more than 200 million passenger journeys a year, durability and ease of installation were key considerations for contractors leading a multi-million pound upgrade of a high profile UK rail station.

hazardous, environment of their locations. With its lightweight construction,


long life span and resistance to fire and corrosion, Marshall-Tufflex’s Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) cable management system provided the perfect solution. More than 700m of

perforated GRP tray with standard covers has helped deliver power and data provision for station signalling, lighting, tannoys and surveillance systems. The installation formed part of renovations to bring old platforms back into use and extend current platforms to accommodate longer trains. GRP is the material of choice for a wide range of cable management

ail projects have some of the most challenging cable management requirements due to the harsh, and sometimes

from -80°C to over 130°C. It is both corrosion and fire resistant with low thermal conductivity and self- extinguishing properties that make it fully compliant with fire standards and regulations. Weighing 40% less than

steel it is also easier to move around and install. The trays require fewer fasteners and benefit from interlocking and self-adjusting couplings making them quick

Marshall-Tufflex’s GRP cable management solution has helped deliver power and data provision for station signalling, lighting, tannoys and surveillance systems.

and easy to assemble and configure on site. The flexibility of the system helped save time and labour costs, both critical in ensuing platforms were reopened on time and within budget. GRP tray is one of Marshall-Tufflex’s specialist product ranges for the rail

industry and was supplied by Rexel’s Rail Division in Bermondsey, London. The product is registered with RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) that supports Network Rail, Transport for London and UK train operators in the management of supply chain risk.

projects in the rail network. The robust product is specifically designed for challenging environments with the material effective at temperatures Thorn Lighting keeps Wincanton plc on ‘TRAX’

Logistics specialists Wincanton plc has used Thorn Lighting’s luminaires for the refurbishment of Wincanton Trax Park 2 in Doncaster, aiming to reduce energy use and maintenance, increase sustainability and provide a well-lit working environment. Thorn supplied a variety of luminaires including Hi Pak Pro LED, Corrosion Force and ForceLED.

up to 80 people working across a number of shiſts. The entire 10,933sq m warehouse has been


updated, including above and under the mezzanine floor above the loading bays, plus the open plan marshalling areas and racking aisles. Hi Pak Pro LED, a highly efficient, robust and low

maintenance high bay has been installed in the warehouse to provide 18500 lumens with both open area and rack optics for precise control. They have been fitted with sensor control for occupancy and daylight dimming in both narrow beam and wide angle beam to maximise energy efficiency. A Rack optic channels the light down between the racks where the gap in the racks is around 2.5m. Hi Pak Pro LED provides up to 135Llm/W to achieve significant energy savings when compared to the original 400W SON high bays and the on board thermal management system ensures LED performance and a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

incanton Trax Park 2 is a multi-user site that operates around 18 hours a day with

Thorn’s compact ForceLED, with its IP66 rated

watertight seal, has been used for the ends of racking. The luminaires have a unique prismatic diffuser and wireless integrated controls for higher energy savings via presence-based dimming. The highly efficient LEDs (~120Llm/W) incorporated in ForceLED luminaires further reduce energy consumption and costs and ensure a long service life of over 50,000 hours. Corrosion Force 7000 LEDs are providing illumination for the loading area canopy. Corrosion Force is a high performance, IP65, dust and moisture proof, corrosion resistant luminaire with a GRP canopy and PMMA diffuser that can be used in all atmospheres, including those laden with salts, acids and mineral oils. Site electricity consumption has dropped 60% since the installation of Thorn’s LED luminaires and Wincanton plc is very pleased with the results.

Wincanton Trax Park 2 is benefiting from a range of Thorn Lighting luminaires, which meet the brief for increased sustainability, energy savings and a well-lit working environment.

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