Product Reviewof the Year 2017

Diagnosing the needs of electrical testing

industry first, the C.K Magma Test Equipment Case Toolkit. It features all the tools a tradesman would require during the diagnostic test phase and final certification tests, all in one case. The case comes with tools including the premium C.K dextroVDE Screwdrivers, which feature all the most popular tip sizes, side cutters and snipe nose pliers from the C.K Redline VDE range, C.K Non Contact Voltage Detector and C.K LED Hand Torch 100 Lumens.


arl Kammerling International has launched another

Duoxim Arbor named top product for 2017


he Duoxim Arbor from Super Rod has been crowned a ‘Top

Product’ award winner in Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine’s 2017 reader poll. The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by PE’s 70,000+ readership, are recognition for manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the electrical contractor’s ability to get the job done efficiently, safely and professionally, whether this is in the form of innovative products, tools or time-saving solutions. Super Rod’s Duoxim Arbor is a unique innovation in drilling,

allowing installers to make existing holes bigger with ease (such as when replacing old downlights with new or fire rated ones) and giving a uniform and tidy finish. The Duoxim Arbor is easy to use and requires no attachments or assembly. Simply insert the larger hole saw onto the arbor followed by the original hole saw, which just clicks into place to act as a guide The idea for the product came from St Alban’s contractor Kyle Gamble, who thought of the concept when faced with a project to replace 200 downlights without damaging a new lath and plaster ceiling. Malcolm Duncan, Managing Director for Super Rod said: “We work closely with installers and contractors to bring the tools to market that professionals want in their toolbox.” Charles Whitfield, Product

Development Manager at C.K Magma, said: “By working closely with a dedicated group of professional tradesmen, we are able to develop products that meet their requirements on a daily basis. “Feedback revealed a need for a single solution that would allow electricians to transport a diagnostic testing kit and a selection of essential tools, without having to carry their entire toolkit. The new C.K Magma Test Equipment Case Toolkit is a direct result of this process and has been well received by electricians.” The case has rubber feet and adjustable padded compartments. The top compartment can store a range of tools and accessories with 27 easily accessible pockets, including a handy business card and documentation holder. There is also a lockable zip system.

VELA Compact – tested by the LIA to have insulation laid directly over the fitting

fitting. This has been tested and verified in the Lighting Industry Association’s Test Laboratory. Available in Fixed and Tilt options, 3,000k and 4,000k, these


attractive and easy to install fittings are offered in matt white, polished chrome and satin chrome finishes. Rated IP65 and including a

dimmable LED driver, these 7W fittings offer a 55 degree beam angle and a lumen output of 89lm/W. Peter Ratcliffe, Sales

Director of GreenBrook, said: “We are really excited about these new VELA Compact downlights. These products are ideal for installing in ceiling voids with restricted space and are already going down a storm in the market.” Available now from all good wholesalers. 28 | electrical wholesaler January 2018

reenBrook’s new VELA Compact range of LED Dimmable Fire Rated Downlights have a super low profile, only 40mm, and they allow the insulation to be laid directly over the

Red Arrow Electrical launches its first LED 110V Festoon Kit

110V Festoon Kits – a first on the market for the company. The versatile Festoon Kits are


available in 22m (10 x 5W) and 50m (20 x 5W), are lightweight, robust and have a low heat output which simplifies the site lighting arrangements. Previous festoon kits used 30w or 50w bulbs meaning energy saving is now significantly increased, making the site greener. Time saving is also a key factor with this product as workers don’t need to walk along the cable fitting bulbs. Earlier versions of the product had the bulbs mounted in cages giving off lots of heat, which could be dangerous. The LEDs used in the new version don’t pose that problem. The Festoon Kit has a two-year warranty – twice the warranty we could offer on the fluorescent version. Holes are pre-drilled in the fixture ready to be mounted on walls and ceilings. Following the launch of the

LED Festoon Kit, Paul Yarnell, Customer Services Team Leader, commented: “The LED Festoon Kit is a great durable product with no dangerous hot glass lamps to break or burn yourself on and can be used in many settings.”

ed Arrow is pleased to announce the launch of the new POWER-LITE LED

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