Securing new sales for wholesalers

Are you missing out on £2 billion of business? Neil Baldwin, Sales Director atESP, looks at the selling opportunities for wholesalers in the booming home security sector.


hether you are already in the security systems sector or are considering entering, opportunities abound for the security-minded wholesaler.

The perceived security threat ranging from crime to terrorist activity and fraud, persists. Economic uncertainty intensifies the need to identify and pursue business opportunities in growing markets and the security systems market is one of them. World security is also an issue. We have never been on a higher state

of alert in the UK and because of that people are more conscious of having security.

CCTV represents 50% of sales within the security sector With homeowners and businesses seeing the value of investing in security to protect their properties, and seeking the appropriate measures to do so, the UK security market continues to grow and is estimated to be worth £2.4bn. And with CCTV accounting for 50% of sales within this sector, that represents a very lucrative income stream to those contractors willing to diversify. By utilising the skills they already possess, electricians are in a position to build business with existing customers through the addition of CCTV as an additional product category and can use the knowledge of this new product sector to target new customers. This puts wholesalers in a prime position to help influence and drive growth in this sector, by sharing knowledge of products and practices with their customers. The police are actively encouraging us to use CCTV to protect homes and businesses and as a manufacturer we are constantly developing our products to make them as user-friendly, reliable and as cost effective as possible. Aimed at providing a range of premium quality, competitively priced

CCTV Kits for the domestic market, is our Rekor branded CCTV range, launched in August last year. These 4 channel kits are packed with features and are ideal entry level products to satisfy the growing demand for reliable security solutions. They have all the components

The new 1080p Wire Free CCTV Kits were added to ESP’s growing portfolio of HDView CCTV products in 2017.

for a High Definition CCTV system supplied in a handy kit form – simply requiring a connection to a monitor. The systems have been designed with ease of set up as a key feature, including the option for remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet, using ESP’s specially developed RekorHD APP. The kits include a stylish 4-channel DVR, Western Digital hard drive, cameras, camera cables, system power supply, mouse and HDMI cable. There are a number of kit options available, including 2 or 4 camera kits, with the cameras in either a bullet or dome style and all are offered in a white or grey finish. This type of system can provide a comprehensive solution for home

security requirements. Wholesalers should be encouraging contractors to provide security recommendations while working on the electrics of a premises, which can mean a quick and easy upsell with a product that offers quality, ease of installation and peace of mind to the end user.

Smart options The demand for technology by consumers continues to rise and wholesalers can take advantage of rapidly developing smart technologies that are designed to help make properties more secure than ever. With the demand for technologies on the rise, it is important that wholesalers understand the benefits of innovative security solutions. Developed in direct response to the increasing demand from customers

for Wi-Fi solutions, we added new 1080p Wire Free CCTV Kits to our growing portfolio of HDView CCTV products in 2017. Designed specifically for the domestic market, the new systems have ease of installation and superior quality HD image capture among the key attributes. There are four kits in total – two camera and four camera options, each

CCTV now represents half of all sales in the security sector. 24 | electrical wholesaler January 2018

available with black or white cameras. The cameras supplied (2MP HD day/night bullet cameras) are pre-registered to the NVR and additional cameras can be added via the LAN port on the NVR using the supplied network cable. To be programmed, the NVR will require a connection to a monitor using the VGA or HDMI output (HDMI lead is supplied). Requiring a power supply at the NVR as well as at the camera, CCTV kits offer Wi-Fi open field range of 150m, with no cabling required

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