Carl Kammerling carries on with range extension

Enter a new phase with

Redring’s latest shower The latest of three new generation showers unveiled to the market, Redring’s Glow is the manufacturer’s premium electric shower, boasting an innovative phased shutdown feature. Glow has been designed, specified and marketed as a direct result

of focus groups with installers, stockists and end users, as Redring is dedicated to delivering what matters most to the customer. Its phased shutdown anti-scaling capability enables water to run

for 10-15 seconds after the Glow’s stop button has been pressed. This clears out any hot water left in the shower and cools the heating element; therefore purging the heated water and minimising limescale build up within the element and the showerhead. The phased shutdown function improves the shower’s

performance, increases the product’s lifespan and has lead to the shower gaining a three-year warranty as standard. Lee Stones, Product Marketing Manager at Redring, said: “Alongside key features such as

Enhancing its ground breaking range of C.K MightyRods cable rods, quality tools provider, Carl Kammerling International, has introduced the convenient C.K MightyRods Carry Case. Following the success of the pioneering range

of next generation cable rods, the C.K MightyRods PRO, the Carry Case is a much- anticipated extension to the range. The C.K MightyRods Carry Case is designed to

accommodate the robust C.K MightyRods and the technologically-advanced C.K MightyRods PRO cable rods, making it easier than ever to transport equipment when cable routing. Constructed from durable polyester and

featuring a rigid reinforced base, contents are protected both in transit and on site, whilst an adjustable shoulder strap provides comfort and security when transporting equipment. For convenience, an external pocket houses the 330mm C.K MightyRods Toolbox set. A further handy pocket has been included to store the series of C.K MightyRods accessories. The introduction of the C.K MightyRods PRO has escalated Carl Kammerling’s cable rods range to the next level. Fusing advanced technological features to deliver the ultimate in performance, the C.K MightyRods PRO has become a favourite among electricians. Featuring SplinterSHIELD, a significant

advancement in cable rod technology and a European first, the durable, 100 per cent splinterproof coating fully encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent harmful and painful splintering.

SmartFit design, modern aesthetics and variable power settings, phased shutdown adds real value to the product by reducing limescale build up to protect and maintain the shower performance in hard water areas.” Fully loaded with features, Glow also has a digital temperature display, five-mode showerhead

and chrome accents.

Manrose launches new IPX5 Quiet Fan

Ventilation manufacturer, Manrose, has launched the IPX5 Quiet Fan. This bathroom fan combines a high extraction rate with an incredibly quiet running volume, with the additional flexibility of being IPX5 compliant. It also offers simple and flexible installation. With an impressive extraction rate of 75m³/hr the IPX5

Quiet Fan has a quiet running volume of just 27dB(A), over 60% quieter than a standard 4” (100mm) domestic fan. This allows households to benefit from a bathroom free

from mould and condensation without having to put up with the annoying drone associated with many bathroom fans. The IPX5 rating also means it can be safely installed within Zone 1 without the need for a low voltage transformer. Designed for wall and ceiling mounting, this reliable Quiet

Fan is made from high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability. It features a low energy motor with a maximum consumption of 7 Watts and a low SFP of 0.33w/l/. Meanwhile its high quality, long-life motors are continuously rated and warranted for a minimum of three years. The IPX5 Quiet fan comes with integral backdraught shutters and is double insulated so does

not require an earth. The unit also includes a performance enhancing turning vane system to improve performance by maintaining a high output. New Axiom smoke and heat alarms by C.E.D.

Whilst C.E.D.’s Axiom brand includes a comprehensive range of white plastic, metal clad and decorative accessories, it also features key security products, including new domestic smoke and heat alarms. Manufactured in bright white non- flammable ABS material, Axiom alarms are compact, elegantly designed, CE approved, kite marked and EN 14604 certified. Benefits include 9v alkaline batteries; alarm, power and low battery indicators; a hush feature to allow easy silencing of alarms and operational parameters of up to 90% humidity and temperatures up to 40C. The range includes two smoke alarms –

one, battery operated featuring a high performance photoelectric smoke chamber

42 | electrical wholesaler January 2018

with insect screen and a second, mains alarm with battery back-up giving detector operation for a minimum of one year. Completing the range is a heat alarm, which is also mains operated, but again with battery back-up and features a recommended range coverage of 200sq m.

Available via electrical wholesalers.

Axiom Smoke & Heat Alarms.

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