Megaman launches new Marco LED track light range

Hold fire with fire-rated

isolator switches! Lewden has produced a range of fire-rated isolator switches that are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities where a maintained electrical power is vital to allow the safe evacuation of public areas in the event of fire. These switches are made from high quality aluminium

alloy and they contain a highly visible handle that has been patented by Palazzoli. Even ‘non-expert’ users are able to understand the switch status of the unit easily in the case of emergency. The units are AC3-AC23A rated to guarantee safe operation – even with highly inductive loads – and they also have customisable entry flanges thanks to blind or threaded flanges from Lewden’s Allupres range. With an IP66/67/55 rating for use in the most arduous conditions, these robust fire-rated

switches also have an impact standard of IK10. The switches conform to standards IEC/EN 60947-3, IEC/EN 60947-5-1 and EN 12101-3 and have an operating temperature of -25°C - +70°C. The range includes 16A, 25A, 40A and 63A options in 3, 4 and 6 pole variants in addition to a 125A option in 3 and 4 pole variants. Accessories include flat flanges, in aluminium alloy with metric threading for windowed walls and cable glands in insulating material with metric threading and an IP68 rating.

Marco is the latest low energy lighting solution from Megaman – a versatile, compact LED track light with an integrated and concealed driver for easy installation. Incorporating hybrid reflector technology, the track lights ensure excellent beam control, minimise light spill and reduce glare. Suitable for retail, hospitality and leisure applications, the new range provides a high performance, class II rated solution with 330° angle rotation. Marco LED track lights are available in three

different beam options, 12°, 25° and 45°. The 25° or 45° options are also available with an interchangeable aluminium reflector for further flexibility on site and with inventory. Crucially, Marco has high luminous efficacies

up to 96 lumen per system watt and a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours at L70. The track lights also offer an excellent colour

rendering index of >97 with the Megaman Ultra RichColour option – replicating the effects of standardised daylight. This is in addition to a high colour consistency with a Standard Deviation Colour Matching (SDCM) < 3. “The launch of the new Marco LED track light range is demonstrative of the advancement we are making in perfecting the colour rendering index of our LED light sources,” commented Glen Krise, European Distribution Director at Megaman. Scolmore adds insulation support

bracket for Inceptor Nano downlight Designed to be attached directly to the Inceptor Nano5 Fixed and Adjustable downlights, Scolmore’s new Insulation Support Bracket allows installers to lay thermal insulation over the Inceptor Nano – creating a 20mm air-space above the driver, which lets air circulate and cool. This allows the driver to dissipate heat more effectively and in turn, means the luminaire runs cooler. The key to this product is its simple, fast fit attachment method:

1. Align the insulation support clip with the downlight springs; 2. Gently squeeze the bracket arms inwards to ensure both slots can slide fully through the spring on the inside of the spring bracket; 3. Slide both slots fully through the spring on the inside of the spring bracket to ensure attachment. Scolmore is confident that the Insulation Support Bracket will prove popular with installers as a

cost-effective, quick method to meet the requirements necessary when thermal insulation is being used in an installation. They are made from polycarbonate

in Scolmore’s trademark blue colour and are available in boxes of 10 units. For further information, email or contact Scolmore on 01827 63454.

Tridonic's compact basicDIM wireless control module makes for easy wireless communication with up to 127 luminaires. It is suited to projects that need no direct IP connection and which aim to achieve more lighting comfort in a cost-effective manner and with no additional wiring. The control module can be integrated into existing luminaires easily and establishes a mesh communication network automatically. Communication is wireless via Bluetooth 4.0, requiring no DALI wiring. The module is fitted with a

configurable 1-10-V and DALI interface along with a switched relay contact, and allows dimming functions and even colour temperature controls to be implemented with ease. Groups can also be set up and scenes created.

46 | electrical wholesaler April 2018

Wireless light control with simple installation and commissioning Luminaires can then be controlled via an

associated smart button (user interface), or using the corresponding free apps (Android or iOS operating systems). The pre-configured button for wall mounting works using batteries. It has a clear and manageable control panel with eight buttons that can be used to switch luminaires on and off or for the dimming functions. In addition, light settings can be accessed and colour temperatures set. The luminaires are automatically scanned for and

basicDIM wireless user interface.

detected using the free apps for Android or iOS.

basicDIM wireless.

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