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Coles, applauds EDA Award winners Cleric, broadcaster and former Communard, the Reverend Richard Coles, helped celebrate the 2018 Electrical Distributors’ Association Education & Training Awards recently, when outstanding managers from wholesalers and manufacturers were presented with their trophies in front of 550 guests at the Associations’ Annual Dinner on Park Lane.

EDA Investor in Training Award from EDA President, Simon Barkes, and John Henry, MD of event sponsors EDA Apprenticeships Plus, on Thursday 8 March 2018. The next day, during lunch at London’s iconic Shard, eight high-performing apprentices and employees collected EDA Learning Achievement Awards, as part of the EDA’s National Apprenticeship Week 2018 celebrations. EDA President Simon Barkes said: “Choosing


our Award winners each year gets increasingly tough as more and more of our wholesaler and manufacturer members take advantage of the Association’s Education & Training Programme to both attract new talent to their team and to develop their professional skills. “This year we have a three-time trophy winner;


nderstanding the products you sell is crucial to delivering great customer service. That’s why the

Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) has invested in the development of a new set of 12 distance-learning product knowledge modules to be launched exclusively to members in 2018. Developing the 12 EDA Product Knowledge

Modules, which have achieved City & Guilds Accredited Programme status, has been a two-year collaborative process between manufacturers, wholesalers and independent lead authors, each an expert in their field. The EDA commissioned the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to help manage the production of the modules. Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO at the EDA, explains why the time was right for the Association to develop its own training programme: “We’re in the fortunate position of having ready access, through our diverse membership, to an unparalleled breadth and depth of the latest product expertise. “The response from our wholesalers and manufacturers has been fantastic: they

28 | electrical wholesalerApril 2018

ine managers, some of whom travelled from as far afield as Kirkcaldy and Cardiff, received their

Craig Hiepner of EDA affiliate, Deta Electrical Company Ltd, received two awards as a product knowledge student in 2012 and 2013 but this year took home a manager award.” The EDA Investor in Training Awards

acknowledge the support, commitment, and

leadership of managers in one of two categories: apprenticeships, helping to attract new talent to the electrical wholesale sector, and the MOL Product Knowledge Programme, a distance- learning initiative designed to improve employee skills and performance.

Former Communard, Rev Richard

Left to right, EDA Education and Training Award 2018 Learning Achievement winners: Tom Simmons, KEW Electrical, Canterbury; Elise Whiting, Rexel UK, Tunbridge Wells; Lynsey Clark, Stearn Electric Company Ltd, Newbury; John Henry, MD, EDA Apprenticeships Plus – sponsor of the Awards; Levi Craze, Devondale Electrical Distributors Ltd, Bideford; Kerry Simms, Megaman (UK) Ltd, Welwyn Garden City; Simon Barkes, EDA President; Gavin James, CEF, Wishaw; Ronnie Walton, Team Electrical Supplies Ltd, Nazeing and James Barry, Edmundson Electrical Ltd, Cardiff.

EDA to launch new training modules exclusively for members

volunteered their time to support the creation of this new training programme. Their contribution has really boosted the rigour and quality of the professional training the EDA offers to the UK’s electro-technical supply chain.

“Our members benefited hugely from the

EDA’s partnership with our former provider MOL. The EDA has worked with MOL for many years and during that time around 16,000 modules have been studied, but when it became time to refresh the content it made absolute sense to take on the project ourselves.” Created for anyone working in the electro-

technical supply chain, the modules are suitable for both new entrants and anyone who wants to improve their product skills. Each module delivers professional training on an electro-technical subject or product area, with businesses free to choose the number and combination of modules that best suits their team.

The 12-subject programme covers both the established product areas such as lighting and cables, but also extends to offer training on renewables, IT and data infrastructure, and fire

safety and security. And the distance-learning model means employees can manage their study around their work and home life. The first two EDA Product Knowledge

Modules – Introduction to the Principles of Electricity and Wiring Devices and Controls – will be available from this month (April), with the remaining modules launching throughout 2018.

The full set of modules

1. Introduction to the Principles of Electricity 2. Lighting (Introduction) 3. Lighting (Systems and Controls) 4. Cables and Cable Management 5. Wiring Devices and Controls 6 Distribution, Switchgear and Protection 7. Fire Safety and Security Systems 8. Heating and Ventilation 9. Renewables 10. IT and Data Infrastructure 11. Industrial Controls 12. Customer Services

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