RUGGED, MODULAR, SMART: Mobile terminal turns smartphones into ruggedised mobile barcode readers

Accurate and easy-to-install machine vision systems, which improve production and product handling by speeding up processes while ensuring a high quality, have always been the centre of Cognex’s attention


hen it comes to reading 1-D or 2-D barcodes, Cognex’s vision-enabled

barcode readers deliver the highest read rates regardless of the barcode size, quality, printing method or surface the codes are marked on. Now the world’s leader in machine vision takes its technology to a new level which means a paradigm shift for the whole mobile terminal market for barcode reading: The recently introduced MX-1000 vision- enabled mobile terminals empower Android- and iOS-based smartphones to perform high-speed barcode reading even in harsh environments.

RUGGEDISED FOR HEAVY USE Mobile terminals which are used for barcode reading in challenging industrial environments, but also for outdoor applications like courier and field services, have to withstand the most adverse conditions like dust, dirt, moistness, and rough handling. The new Cognex MX-1000, with its rugged Polycarbonate housing with overmold and water-proof sealing, is designed to take a lot. Tested amongst others with 50 drops onto concrete floor from two meters and 2,000 tumbles, the MX-1000 proved to fulfill the requirements of the IP65 standard, making any mobile device encased in the MX-1000 suitable for heavy use in industrial settings.

MODULAR DESIGN The MX-1000 turns any Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone into a ruggedised mobile barcode reader. Thanks to the modular design with specific rubber inserts and


Rugged, modular, smart: The new Cognex MX- 1000 series vision- enabled mobile terminals

top covers for different device models, the smart phone can be replaced or upgraded quickly and inexpensively. The freedom to choose your preferred mobile device also means staying current with mobile communications technology. The mobile device of choice can communicate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G/LTE. This makes the MX-1000 easy to implement either for use in a warehouse setting with local wireless infrastructure or in the field with cellular connectivity.

Amongst others, the MX- 1000 is used in logistics, field service or

production environments. Thanks to Cognex world- class barcode reading technology, the MX-1000 reads quickly and easily 1-D and 2-D codes, even if smudged, scuffed, damaged or blurred

FUTUREPROOFING YOUR INVESTMENT The ability to use your preferred mobile device also ends the traditional dispute on operating systems and OS support in the mobile terminal industry. While current mobile terminals mostly employ WinCE or Windows Mobile, the MX-1000 supports Android and iOS, the leading OS technologies for mobile devices. While Android is the preferred system for applications in industry, warehouses and field service, there is a high acceptance for iOS in retail, medical and field service. Both technologies provide access to a vast choice of apps, web portals and web interfaces. Plus, the user can work in a familiar environment, e.g. when setting up the MX-1000 in an intuitive quick setup app, which gives access to scanner settings, images or firmware updates. If operating systems like Windows 10 Mobile become more widely adopted in the future, the MX-1000 will support

that too, and even accomodate SDKs (software development kits).

LEADING TECHNOLOGY The sophisticated optics of the MX-1000 with a reliable global shutter scan engine paired with Cognex world-class barcode reading algorithms guarantee excellent reading results. Available in different versions, this new mobile terminal reads 1-D and 2-D codes quickly and easily, even if smudged, scuffed, damaged or blurred. Cognex’s patented algorithms offer an unmatched code performance, accurately decoding even challenging DPM codes, including laser marked and dot peen codes (popular in automotive), and DotCode symbologies (popular in consumer packaged goods like tobacco). The scan engine communicates with the mobile device through an integrated USB port connection. In its flat form factor, the MX-1000 can be held and used like a smart phone. Equipped with the pistol grip accessory the mobile terminal can be employed for comfortable ‘point & shoot’ which is often preferred in logistics or production environments. The barcode reading head on the mobile terminal can be adjusted up to 55 degrees for comfortable heads- up scanning. With its flexible design, the MX-1000 puts an end to the ‘scan and tilt’ repetitiveness of the standard ‘gun’ designs and provides for better ergonomics and enhanced productivity. The modular housing of the MX-1000

mobile terminal comes with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that supplies power to the scan engine and extra power to the phone. An additional Lithium Ion battery integrated in the optional pistol grip doubles the battery life. Thanks to wireless inductive charging, the encased smart phone is fully protected at all times.

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