AUTOMATICA 2016 The trade fair for automation

A record number of exhibitors have already booked space for this year’s AUTOMATICA trade fair in Munich on 21-24 June 2016. In five exhibition halls, more than 800 companies will be displaying their solutions for the optimisation of production processes and service robotics and will show that the era of smart robotics and automation is here


UTOMATICA is the leading trade fair for industrial automation and

mechatronics. It is a four-day show that will give you a comprehensive look at the latest developments in automation. The organisers of AUTOMATICA 2016

report that business in the industry could hardly be better. Patrick Schwarzkopf, CEO of VDMA Robotics + Automation, states: “The German robotics and automation industry had sales of 11.4 billion euros in 2014. This new record represents an increase of nine per cent over the previous year. We expect a sales increase of five percent in the current year. Against these positive signals, industry is pushing developments ahead such as man-machine collaboration, mobile robotics and Industry 4.0.” For AUTOMATICA, this means

revolution instead of evolution in terms of technology and exhibits. Robotics, industrial machine vision, integrated assembly solutions and professional service robotics are among the drivers of technological development. Innovation has once again picked up speed over the past two years, as Wilfried Eberhardt, chief marketing officer at KUKA AG emphasised: “Specific topics such as Industry 4.0, safe human-robot collaboration and new applications of robots are in demand. The users want not only to see and hear the benefits, but also to use them in actual practice quickly too. As a leading company in robotics and automation, we are working at full speed at KUKA to fulfill these wishes. Consequently, we can already promise today that we will show pioneering and unique technology solutions at AUTOMATICA 2016. These are solutions that enable significant productivity gains and show automation possibilities where they were previously only possible with great difficulties.”


ONE TRADE FAIR — MANY SECTORS AUTOMATICA shows the complete spectrum of products, systems and solutions for almost every automation project, including the automotive and metalworking industries, medical, pharmaceutical, food and plastics. AUTOMATICA appeals to users from the most diverse sectors of production. In this context, exhibitors and visitors have a common goal: the optimisation of production processes.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE ROBOTICS — BREAKTHROUGH OF SMART ROBOTS Robots have left their protective cages and work closely with people together. Whether mining or agriculture, construction, forestry or cargo handling, whether in the soil or under water, in the air or in space: service robots have taken their place in practice. The fourth industrial revolution has begun with a networked production world that can react flexibly and fully automated to changing needs. Robots, which are mobile and collaborate with people, are indispensable in this. Industry 4.0 and the resulting applications are a chance to establish Europe as a technology leader and pioneer. An important milestone here is human- robot collaboration that ensures

Experience fascinating insights into important application sectors at AUTOMATICA: Integrated Assembly Solutions, Robotics and Machine Vision

workplace ergonomics and better working conditions. Service robotics applications can help to master the challenges of an aging society. The ‘Professional Service Robotics’

focus at AUTOMATICA will again show specific, hands-on applications.

For several years now, AUTOMATICA has been the platform where specialists and executives in all branches of industry gather information about the latest developments

INTEGRATED ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS Integrated Assembly Solutions (IAS) is the largest area at AUTOMATICA, showcasing more than 200 exhibitors. IAS providers have already demonstrated their capabilities as enablers for Industry 4.0 projects for quite some time. They recognised the trend toward networked, self-optimising production at an early stage. IAS companies create innovations, including digital components that provide information and can be networked. Without these Industry 4.0 would be not a living reality but still just a vision today. At AUTOMATICA, the industry will again demonstrate its innovative strength and present the most recent developments for the efficient production of tomorrow.

IT2I: THE NEW EMBEDDED TRADE FAIR FOR DIGITISED PRODUCTION Following the successful premiere of the topic area ‘Industry 4.0 in Practice’ at AUTOMATICA 2014, the trade fair is integrating the newly developed exhibition concept ‘IT2Industry’ in 2016. This concerns the trade fair and open conference for intelligent, digitally networked work environments. Exhibitors will present solutions and services for the industrial Internet of things in Hall A5 and present best practice examples at the conference.



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