ALL-PURPOSE PROXIMITY SENSING IN ONE SECOND FLAT directions to ensure the best signal, and its

Achieving instantly reliable proximity sensing is said to be simple with the single-click installation of the SICK IQG sensor. With its one-secondmount and 40 x 40mmcubic construction, the IQG

inductive sensor that is ea is an all-purpose and cost

in countless applications.

The IQG delivers adaptable, flexible and robust presence sensing even in harsh environments, with a rugge

ged IP68 /IP69K

enclosure rating. The push-lock sensor head can be rotated in five different



NEW RANGE OF DRIVES UNVEI ED The latest development from

NEW RA e latest d velopment from

RANGE OF DRIVES UNVEILED The new partnership with Cone

R. A. Rodriguez is a clear indication of the com any’s commitment to growi g i s core engineeri

R. A. Rodri uez i a clear i dication of the company’s com tment to growing its core engineering component business in parallel with its new aut ma on v ntur Cone Drive’s slewing drives are designed t accom

com onent business in parallel new a omation venture.


A smart new enclosure accessory from Rittal can provide greater scope for the interior configuration of compact enclosures. Additional holes often have to be drilled to fasten components outside of the mounting plate. In response, Rittal has developed an

interior installation rail. This can be easily mounted to the side, floor or roof areas of the AE compact enclosure, without any need for additional drilling through the enclosure panels. This neat solution saves time and preserves the enclosure’s protection category. It can be placed wherever it is needed in the enclosure and is easily fixed (with a screw) and it will support static loads of up to 100 N. A door-operated switch can also be fitted to the rail using an adapter (supplied). The rail has two rows of system

punchings to create an additional mounting surface for items such as punched sections, enclosure lights, door-operated switches and door stays.

Rittal Harting /AUTOMATIONATION /AUTOMAT T: 01604 827500 AU AUTOMA MAT ATION | MAY 2016 MA 201 41 41

combined tilting, radial and axial loads and employ wormgear geometry that provides high ratio single stage geari g. The beari and gears are assem ed i to a l ile

Cone Drive’s slew g drives are designed to accommodate com ed ti

dat g, radial and axial ads and employ w rm gear

geometry that provi es high rati single stage gearing. The bearing and gears are assembled into a low profile housing that optimises weight against performance. Avai able i

in th tim se ht against perform nce.

25 i ches, these drives are cost efficient and supremely reliable.

Available in sizes ranging from7– 25 inches, these drives are cost efficient and supremely rel abl

sizes rangi g from 7–

Drive also i troduces a range of industry standard and customised harmonic solutions to the R. A. Rodr guez product programme. in-linemotion

The new par ner hip wi h Cone Drive also introduces a range of industry standard and customised rmonic solutions to the R

Rodriguez product program e. sig is a

The design is an in throu in tio

control solution of threemain com onents; a wave generator and a flexsplin

reduction and to ue ampl are executed as


ich speed at

last element, the circu ar splin which is themounting interface for the assembly.

interface for the assem ly. 16

efficiencies u to 9 per cen , th harmonic solutions can bem re


With ratios ranging from30:1 to 160:1 in a single reduction and efficiencies up to 90 per cent, the rmonic solutions can be more

th ratios rangi g from 30: to 1 in a single reduction and

control solution of three m in components; a wave generator and a flexspline through which speed reduct n and t rque amplification are executed as iit engages with the last element, the circular spline ich is the m

engages w th the

efficient with a shorter overall len th than trad tional planetary sol tions; another advantage of ich is u tra- ow backlash.

R. A. Rodriguez www.

R. A. Rodr guez www


Harting has launched a new connector which incorporates an integrated Ethernet switch. The new US4 connector is said to be the first device in which switch functionality resides directly in the connector, making it possible to network four EtherNet/IP or PROFINET nodes.

With this enhancement, Harting’s Han-Modular connector family lends support to the trend toward integrated networking, enabling EtherNet/IP and PROFINET-based communication to be extended.

The US4 connectormodule features integrated LEDs to provide quick and easy power and network diagnostics for individual ports, displaying both the presence of the Ethernet connection as well as ongoing data exchang e

and speed information. Themodule automatically detects the send/receive lines of connected devices and finds the correct settings for the lines. In addition, in conjunction with the 10Base-T and 100Base- autonomously corrects polarity errors in wire pairs and reverses the polarity of the data signa connected Ethernet nodes to negotiate and configure themaximumdata transfer rate – up t incrementally. Other features include an option for the prioritisation of data packets; integrat and overvoltage protection; and high data throughput. A 10-30V DC power supply adapter is available.

l. It also allows two Tx interfaces, it

ed reverse polarity o 1,000Mbit/s

efficient w th a shorter overall length than traditional planetary solutions; another advantage of which is ultra-low backlash

T: 01727 831121 Panaso nic

sy-to-switch -effective

four corner LEDsmean the sensor status can be viewed easily fromall directions. The long sensing distances provide resistance to vibration and extensive temperature range from-25°C to +85°C, and the IQG is a durable sensor for indoor and outdoor use, with applications from positioning of skid conveyors in automotivemanufacture, low- temperaturematerials handling and presence detection on theme park rides. Powered by SICK’s ASIC sensor technology, the IQG inductive has a sensing range of 20mm(flush) and 40mm(non-flush) and the rugged housing, with IP68 or IP69K

environmental protection, is designed to withstand wet, dust and dirt.

The smallmounting base allows tool- free, one-clickmounting and demounting of the sensor head, and offers a high level of safety by eliminating the possibility of unintentional unlocking.




laser dis tance sensor with a repeatability of 10µm and a response time of 1.5ms at an unbeatable price. The distance sensor HG-C opens upmany new possibilit automati

on. For example, ies for industrial

the sensor is suitable for positioning robot arms,

measuring the position of hoops, checking for the presence of very small objects or for material overlapping.


Measuring can take place both stationary and dynamically. As there is a digital and an analogue output signal (0-5V) available for integration into the process, it is possible to performdynamic measurements or control loops or determine profiles and contours of many different components. You only need the function keys to configure the sensor and immediately themeasured distancewill be displayed inmillimetres on the built-in four-digit display. Additional digital inputs are used to trigger the sensor, to control the laser power, and to performzero adjustment.

70μm. All ±5mmto

The threemodels available offermeasurement ranges from30 100 ±35mmwith a typical beamdiameter of 10μmto models are equippedwith a red semiconductor laser.

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