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Throughout the event, SYSPRO users shared their own experiences of how they are innovating their use of SYSPRO to imagine the art of the possible.


he event, entitled ‘Art of the Possible’, encouraged existing UK users of

SYSPRO ERP, and businesses interested in the application, to think innovatively about how they use their core business critical application, highlighting the important role that technology will play during Industry 4.0. And just as Microsoft revealed its focus on cloud andmobile at last year’s Partner Conference, SYSPRO is

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version seven, will unveil even greater cloud and mobile functionality in future versions with renewed b usines s intelligence options and the latest HTML5 technology, resulting in an intelligent user interface that can adjust itself according to the individual user. Andy Latham, chief technology officer at K3 Business Technology Group, took delegates through the journey of technological transformation in the manufacturing industry, fromthe first concept of having a central database to today’s smart factory, wh ich leverages th e Internet of Things to deliver even smarter customer service. All of this technology progression, he says, was down to people thinking about the art of possible. “Themanufacturing industry is accelerating at rapid pace as new technologies are being introduced. Manufacturing businesses are being pushed to improve efficiencies, operate more flexible businessmodels and work smarter, and SYSPRO is asmuch at the heart of this today as it h as been for th e last 37 years. As industrymatures, so too does SYSPRO in order for the application to remain at the heart of the intelligent manufacturing enterprise. The product’s growth journey is down to the SYSPRO community imagining the art of possible

and the way it joins up every ease at which it can be powe integration capabilities of SY

Garth Wilkinson, operations

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learning how to make the most of it.” Cathie Hall, managing director at K3 Syspro, adds: “ERP has never been more relevant or important for the

tin box and canister manufacturer William Say & Co, is one such SYSPRO user who attended the event. He comments: “This has been really worthwhile for understanding the

Among the customer success stories, the manufacturing industry as it undergoes the transformation to Industry 4.0. And those businesses that edge ahead of the competition and really spearhead the industry will be those that are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to utilise their business critical systems and working with busine Syspro to realise the in their supply chains.”

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developments of the SYSPR O product and www

K3 Syspro ww.

T: 0161 876 4498

ABB zenon extends autom tion solutions for thABB zenon extends automation solutions for the Internet of T ngs, Services an

Internet of Thiings, Services and Peoplle (Io SP A

BB has extended its discrete automation offering to deliver more connectivity and application solutions for discrete manufacturing, general machinery and food and beverage machine builders.

The ABB zenon software, developed by the Austrian automation company COPA-DATA, extends

communications, machine-to-machine connectivity and application control possibilities for machine builders. This supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software extends ABB’s discrete automation portfolio, which includes variable speed drives, motion control solutions, motors, programmable logic controllers and human machine interface panels. Together, these enable the development of solutions for the Internet of Things, Services and People, which presents new business models for improving factory and process performance, product quality, production flexibility and energy efficiency.

“Innovation and speed are key aspects of our Next Level strategy,” explains Morten Wierod, head of ABB’s Drives and Controls business unit. “The ABB zenon solution complements our discrete automation offering very well, and together we can provide our customers with solutions that help them improve product quality and productivity, save energy, and add flexibility to their processes. This is especially important for our strategic focus on the food and beverage industry.”

Thomas Punzenberger, ceo at COPA-DATA, adds: “The world in which our business and our products were viewed and developed separately from each other became obsolete with the advent of the Industry 4.0 concept (IoTSP). Networking begins not with machines or systems, but primarily with people. We can offer our clients real added value only when we are working together to overcome the challenges created by the application scenarios that came out of Industry 4.0.”

and working with us tomake it happen.” 8m COPA-DATA ABB T: 01480 47 40 40 MA 201 MAY 2016 | AU AUTOMA MAT ATION 01480 475321 www 21 www. AT TA T: 0163 41 01633 415338 www. www.copada /AUTOMATION AT /AUTOMATION e (IoTSP) T: 0161 876 4498

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