Value for money rotating torque sensor has wireless signal transmission

ABB introduces YuMi to the UK market


ollaborative dual-arm robot will be used in small parts assembly to help increase UK productivity ABB has launched YuMi, a collaborative dual-arm

robot, to the UK market. Aimed initially at the 3C (Computer,

Communication and Consumer

electronics), toys and watch-making industries, YuMi has no barriers, cages or zones. Its padded arms and motion control technology enable YuMi to work side- by-side with humans safely. The collaborative robot is able to assist in small parts assembly tasks whilst employees can either work with YuMi or apply their production skills to another part of the process. As YuMi’s capabilities become more widely recognised, the robot will open up more opportunities in other industrial sectors. However, the robot has been primarily developed to meet the flexible and agile production needs of the consumer electronics industry.

With integrated hands

comprised of 2-finger grippers and embedded cameras, YuMi can efficiently handle the small components typical of this environment.

ABB u u 01908 350300

he Basic Line Torque Sensor from Kistler Instruments (Type 4520A Torque Sensor) uses FM wireless technology to transmit the signal from the rotating shaft and so eliminates the signal distortion and loss inherent in slip-ring sensors. The maintenance free, long term reliability advantages of the contactless signal transmission do not come at a premium price but at around the same cost as slip-ring types. The Kistler Type 4520A, a strain gauge torque sensor for use at speeds up to 10,000 rpm (ten thousand rpm), is available in ten ranges from 1 to 1,000 Nm all with ±10 V analogue signal output, a TTL speed signal at 60 pulses/rev, an overload capacity of 150% and an external 100% range check input are all standard. The high frequency response and robust anodized aluminium body giving IP40 protection makes the Type 4520A ideal for static and dynamic measurement of rotating torque in assembly and quality control in production and for R & D applications in the laboratory.

T Kistler Instruments Limited u 01256 741550 u

Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of Tall, Rigid Containers


ood manufacturers are increasingly integrating x-ray inspection systems into their production lines to minimise the risk of product

recalls, protect brand integrity and ensure consumer safety. METTLER TOLEDO’s latest white paper ‘Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of Tall, Rigid Containers’ outlines how x-ray technology can enhance food safety, quality control and operational efficiency. Specifically designed to inspect a range of tall, rigid containers,

advances in x-ray technology mean multi-beam systems can effectively inspect a full range of quality parameters. This includes both low and high density packaging types such as metal cans, doypacks, cartons, and plastic and glass containers. By utilising the latest x-ray technology, manufacturers can learn more about selecting the right systems to suit their application needs, whilst maximising throughput without compromising detection sensitivity.

METTLER TOLEDO u 0116 234 5069

Adaptable Robots for Rapid Line Changes and Fast ROI


ast and flexible, a new breed of robot which can be fully integrated in as little

as 2 hours. By taking the robot out of its’ cage, giving it an intuitive software package and increasing adaptability the Sawyer robot can produce Return on Investment in as little as 4 months. If you think your business will never be touched by the onward march of robotics, consider that the International Federation of Robotics has predicted that the industry is set to grow by 12 per cent a year for many years into the future.

Integrated Cognex Vision System Designed with two inbuilt cameras, the Sawyer robot can be re-deployed in less than 5 minutes using the intelligent Robot Positioning System featuring Landmarks. The powerful Cognex camera opens up a whole range of vision capabilities from visual inspection, ICT testing and barcode scanning.

Safe by Design What makes Sawyer different to other collaborative robots on the market is the inherent safety system which is based around hardware as opposed to software. Sawyer is power and force limited, adheres to both ISO 10218 and ISO TS 15066 and comes with a full certificate of incorporation for full peace of mind.

Reshoring Your Manufacturing The feeling in the sector is that these new robots will work alongside, rather than replace, human labour. It will be doing the ‘dirty work’ we have traditionally not wanted to do – and with a great deal of precision – leaving humans to tend and maintain them, and bring new levels of accuracy and safety to many critical industrial processes.

Active8 Robots has a friendly and approachable team on hand to answer any of your questions, and help you explore the true potential for its products to make sure your own are perfectly made – every time.

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