Self-align for easy fit E

lesa’s new UC range of self-aligning flange bearings offer easy installation for rotating shafts on equipment such as conveyor systems, where their tolerant fit and protected bearings enable quick, simple assembly or replacement.

Carlo Gavazzi

continues to expand power supply range


arlo Gavazzi has extended its portfolio of DIN rail-mounting power supplies with the SPDM and SPDC modules which offer compact dimensions to allow more space in the cabinet and high performance covering power and voltage requirements for 120W and 240W. This latest series of switching power supplies ensure optimal performance in industries such as automation and control for commercial buildings, domestic control systems, telecom and datacom, HVAC, industrial and lighting applications as well as automation applications such as doors, gate, lifts and escalators. Starting from just 32mm wide, the units range from 2 DIN wide and low profile design and allow the SPDC to be connected in parallel with identical units to achieve double the power. The SPDM power boost up to 150% for up to 3 seconds which is useful for high inrush currents at start up; and offers efficiency up to 88% and SPDC up to 94%, which reduces energy wastage and prevents excessive heating in the enclosure. range is -25 to +70°.

Operating temperature

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Natural shaft alignment up to ±2.5 degrees off centre, together with a re-lubrication facility via a traditional grease nipple, ensures that Elesa flange bearings have a long service life, keeping the shaft turning and the goods moving.

The UC range comes in square flanged, side flanged or surface mounting formats with through shaft or end capped bearings. Housings are in glass reinforced polyamide with stainless steel bushings and washers holding high quality chrome steel bearings, all with ISO 3228 compliant dimensional tolerances to ensure a consistent fit.

Elesa u 01526 322670 u

Alicat Releases Gas Select 6.0 Firmware T

ucson, Arizona (1 April 2016) – Alicat Scientific has updated its Gas Select™ firmware for Alicat mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. Gas Select 6.0 improves user control and data speed, adding features that enable users to make changes to instruments without a factory visit. Gas Select firmware comes standard on all Alicat mass flow meters and controllers, and includes a library of up to 130 preloaded gases, referenced to NIST REFPROP 9. The firmware drives the flexible user interface for controlling instrument operation.

A new feature of version 6.0 is user-selectable engineering units. Units of pressure, temperature,

volume, standard volume or mass can all be changed in the field. With this capability, flow instruments can be realigned to correlate with other calculations in the process stream, or even repurposed for new applications.

Alicat u

Now ultrasonic sensors from ifm electronic Ltd A

u +1 520 290-6060

s market leader in industrial sensors ifm electronic Ltd is committed to delivering the best in sensing technologies to detect just about anything. It comes as no surprise then that ifm electronic also offers a new family of sensors using the ultrasonic principle. Sensing ranges up to 2200mm can be achieved with the

UG range of sensors. For both space saving and ease of installation the UG

range from ifm electronic consists of M18 housings. Some are standard barrel types while others are in a combination rectangular housing with an M18 section, for more flexibility. ifm electronic is naturally concerned that the UG range are not only reliable object sensors, but are provided at affordable prices. Users won’t be disappointed.

ifm electronic Ltd u 020 8213-0000 Simply aim, trigger, done! -

Fast, versatile barcode reader W

ith the new Industrial Handheld Reader BVS HS-P Balluff expands their offering of optical identification: the portable reader with intuitive

operation reliably reads high-resolution barcodes as well as codes over a wide range at a read distance of up to 110 centimeters. Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes can also be read. The ruggedly constructed device offers IP 65 protection and withstands drops from up to two metres without any damage. The wireless version features Bluetooth to give the user the greatest possible freedom of movement within a range of up to 100 metres around the base station. This flexible portable reader is ideal for a variety of applications including traceability, automated replenishment and logistics. The ergonomically designed Industrial Handheld Reader BVS HS-P from Balluff decodes all common 1D, 2D and stacked barcodes on objects moving at up to 0.8 meters per second.

Balluff Limited u 0161 282 4726 /AUTOMATION u u FMT-200J

Compact Controller gives multi analogue / digital IO and Comms ports in a single package

Outputs, 8 off 12 bit analogue inputs and 4off 12 bit analogue outputs Four communication ports RS 485 and RS232, a 2 line by 16 character LCD display, four function keys, and a socket for an external FLASH memory card are also provided. The compact unit is 353 mm wide x 166 mm high x 40 mm deep and all I/O and power connections are by 2 part connectors. The FMT-200J is part of the Colter UK manufactured FMT range and is programmed using the FLEX PC programming software which is provided free of charge.


Colter Products Ltd u 01371 876887 u


he FMT-200J provides 200k bytes user RAM, 32 digital inputs and 24 solid state 500mA PNP

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