ROBOTICS & MOTION CONTROL FEATURE Robots reimagine commercial cleaning

The new TASKI Intellibot range of automatic robotic cleaning machines from Diversey Care is destined to transform floorcare, building care and facilities management by supporting new ways of working and delivering higher levels of efficiency, performance and value


hese fully-automated commercial robots clean floors ‘hands free’,

leaving operatives to focus on other revenue-generating and value-added tasks. Advanced features include complete programming flexibility, remote management capability and performance metrics, and interconnectivity with the ‘Internet of Clean’, Diversey Care’s re- imagination of the cleaning industry. Calum Meadows, country lead for

Diversey Care in the UK & Ireland, says: “The UK launch of the Intellibot machines is another example of how Sealed Air is re-imagining the cleaning industry. I am particularly excited by how these machines can improve the economics of cleaning by significantly boosting productivity, saving up to 80 per cent on labour costs and using up to 85 per cent less water and chemicals.” The first machine available in the UK is

the TASKI swingobot 1650 scrubber drier which Diversey Care recently announced had achieved CE Marking – essential for sales in Europe. Its performance capabilities are claimed to cut labour costs by up to 80 per cent and water and chemical consumption by 85 per cent to reduce the overall cost of cleaning. This US version of this machine was awarded a prestigious ISSA Innovation Award at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America exhibition in Las Vegas in October 2015. It is ideal for education, retail, healthcare and manufacturing applications. The TASKI aerobot 1850 vacuum cleaner will be available later in 2016.

VALUE-ADDED SERVICES Intellibot machines enable hands-free cleaning, completing their pre- programmed floorcare duties with minimal supervision. Operatives can focus on additional duties while the machine is working, maximising the utilisation of resources and increasing overall productivity. They can also undertake revenue-generating and value-added services to enhance total quality while reducing the overall cost of cleaning. Intellibot machines are initially

configured by TASKI specialists following an on-site review of the operating

environment. Floors are divided into separate rectangular areas which the machine learns automatically. Routes comprising two or more adjacent areas are then named and stored in the machine’s on-board memory. All functions are managed by a simple icon- based colour touch-screen. After initial setup the machine can be used by any authorised site-operative who enters a unique password and simply selects the required route and positions the machine at a predetermined starting point. No special training is required and different operatives can be restricted to specific tasks, areas and routes. This means, for example, that new users can be allocated basic tasks until they become more experienced. Suitably trained operatives can also programme new areas and routes. The machine cleans the designated area

always following the same path. After completing its task the machine always comes to rest in the same pre- programmed position, typically in a corner or next to a wall to minimise the risk of obstructing ongoing activities. The machines can also clean simple rectangular floors without special programming using a fully-automatic area mode. Manual operation is also available, for ad-hoc spot cleaning tasks or to transfer the machine to different parts of the building. On-board sensors provide a 360- degree view that allows the machine to operate hands-free. These ensure that the machine always follows the correct routes and slows down and stops when it encounters people or unexpected objects. Additional sensors in the base prevent the machine from passing into stairways or other areas where the floor is missing or has gaps. Full-perimeter touch-shield sensors immediately detect any objects touched by the machine, apply a stop brake and reverse the unit quickly and safely away. This takes under half a second which is faster than normal human reaction. There is also a manual emergency stop button on the console. Intellibot machines include a number of advanced functions to enhance


The first machine available in the UK is the TASKI swingobot 1650 scrubber drier which Diversey Care recently announced had achieved CE Marking – essential for sales in Europe. It includes features such as IntelliTrak management information and machine tracking and Ecosave advanced four-stage purification system

performance, sustainability and connectivity to the ‘Internet of Clean’.

HIGH PERFORMANCE CLEANING Like all advanced TASKI scrubber driers the TASKI swingobot 1650 is designed for efficient, high performance cleaning in a single pass to leave the floor dry ready for use. It can clean up to 1,000m2 per hour depending on the complexity of the working area. Maximum performance and return on investment is realised in areas with few or no obstructions such as corridors, conference rooms, aisle ways, open spaces, and sports halls free from clutter and foot traffic. The 65bBA noise level is similar to many conventional machines of comparable size or performance. Its two counter-rotating pads can be used with any industry-standard sized red or white pads which can be changed quickly and easily without removing the head from machine. The normal working width is 74cm with an 82cm self-centring quick-change gum-rubber squeegee blade to ensure maximum solution pickup. The machine can be used with floorcare products from the extensive TASKI range. All routine service components and daily checkpoints are easily accessible. The Intellibot machines are supplied as standard with a sealed gel deep-cycle battery that enables long run times to support multi-shift applications. Additional batteries are available for intensive applications where suitable charging periods are impractical. An exchanging trolley is supplied with the spare battery to prevent the need for heavy lifting.

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