INDUSTRY UPDATE SICK’s ‘Tiny TiMs’ Are First to Plug the Low-Risk Safety Gap

service robots or collaborative robots. The SICK TiM361S and TiM781S 2D LiDAR sensors are economical, lightweight and compact with a safety certification


to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 PL b and can be integrated inconspicuously into low-speed, small or lightweight mobile or stationary applications, following completion of an appropriate risk assessment. They can also be used where secondary safety detection is required to complement higher-rated systems already in place.

Using SICK’s patented Safe HDDM+ time-of-flight infra-red scanning technology, with a 270° scanned field of view, the

sensors offer exceptional object detection and measurement accuracy with immunity to ambient light conditions. A total of 48 flexible fields can be set up and evaluated safely and simultaneously for responsive detection up to 5m at speeds of up to 1.6 m/s.

The SICK TiM361S reliably detects both static

and moving objects in a factory or warehouse, offering a robust solution for collision prevention in small, electrical autonomous vehicles, carts and platforms. It can also be used to control personnel access around light, industrial-duty pick and place robot arms. Sixteen preconfigured field sets, each with three protective fields, make commissioning quick and easy.

The SICK TiM781S has been introduced to

meet demand for a device that enables applications to be customised by integrators and machine builders using raw data output from the device. By combining intelligent field evaluation with safety-related measurement data output via Ethernet, localisation and navigation duties can be achieved using the same device.

SICK u 01727 83112 u u

Wieland’s Safety in motion – functional safety encoders


he new Safe SENC incremental encoder with HTL interface from Wieland Electric is available as an

accessory to the Wieland Samos range or for use with other third party systems and makes it possible to monitor the speed, direction, and position of the motor and/or machine load to provide secure feedback. Unlike a standard encoder, this safety encoder allows speed and angle at the axes to be reliably measured, achieving an unparalleled safety level to PLe (acc. EN13849) and SIL3 (acc. IEC61508). It is suitable for safety rated speed, direction and position monitoring of all machines. The SENC incremental encoder offers up to 1024ppr depending on accuracy requirements and is available in sizes 58mm and 90mm with hollow or solid shafts along with matching cables and accessories.

Wieland u 01483 531213 u

Integrated automation solutions smart manufacturing B&R presents complete portfolio for batch-size-one manufacturing

Hall 9, Booth D26. B&R enables the automation of all production areas and allows them to interact seamlessly. B&R's portfolio makes it easy to implement efficient, high-quality production down to batch size one, ensure safe human-machine collaboration, and obtain a clear overview of machine performance data in the cloud. B&R's first cloud application allows OEMs to collect


data from their global fleet around the clock and view it in a convenient dashboard. They can use it to make well-targeted machine upgrades, offer next-level service and unlock new revenue streams. The cloud application indicates where maintenance is necessary and provides the basis for tailor-made maintenance service.

Integrated machine vision In addition, B&R will be exhibiting the world's first machine vision solution to be fully integrated into the automation landscape. B&R's machine vision solution includes intelligent cameras, image processing algorithms, and an innovative selection of lighting technology. With these products, B&R serves a broad spectrum of applications: from simple machine vision sensors to high-end smart cameras. Ready-made software components are available for creating applications with minimal new programming.

Human-track collaboration B&R is the first manufacturer of intelligent track systems to introduce human-track-collaboration. Visitors to the B&R booth will see how five integrated safety functions allow humans to work directly alongside the track with no safety barriers – without impairing productivity.

B&R u 01733 371320 u

t the Hannover Messe trade fair, B&R will show how a conventional plant can become a smart factory in

ICK has launched the first 2D LiDAR sensors safety-certified to PL b, specifically designed to plug a gap for lower-risk applications where safety-rated integration is needed in small, low-speed Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts,

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