Hydrostatic level sensor for up to 20 m


GE has extended its DGC line of hydrostatic level meters, adding a new sensor for measuring liquid

media levels up to 20 m. The sensor consists of a measuring head with integrated electronics and an IP68 probe attached to a cable. The cable is up to 20 m long to ensure the probe can be lowered to the bottom of large tanks.

The electronics unit is enclosed in a rugged stainless-

steel housing with a G¾ thread for attachment, for instance on the tank cover. A line of LEDs integrated in the measuring head indicates the level at a glance. The sensor requires a 24 V DC supply. It can be used in ambient or media temperatures from -20 °C to +75 °C. Measured values are transmitted via a 4...20 mA output..

EGE  

4G-enabled I/O communication modules


ntroducing GSM-PRO2 and GSM-PRO2E communication modules, CONTA-CLIP presents economic 4G wireless

remote control and maintenance solutions for decentralized applications. If no 4G network is available, the modules automatically fall back on 3G or 2G networks. Users can enhance the GSM-PRO2 module by adding inputs and outputs using I/O extension modules. The basic GSM- PRO2E device features four relay outputs and 10 inputs. I/Os can be configured for digital (24V DC) or analog

(0...10V and 0[4]...20mA) signals, as required. The manufacturer supplies suitable models for the European as well as the US market. GSM-PRO modules automatically alert users via text or email messages when the monitored process reaches a defined state or preset limits are exceeded. Control-room staff or service technicians can switch the digital relay outputs of the GSM-PRO2 via text messages.


IBASE Releases New Wide-Temperature COM Express Modules I

BASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific industrial embedded computing platforms, introduces its latest COM Express Type 10 (ET875) and Type 6 (ET870) COM Express Modules based on the Intel® Atom™ processor

E3900 series, Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 and Intel® Celeron® processor N3350. Designed for the needs of IoT embedded applications including gaming, ATM/POS, medical imaging, and industrial

control, these highly scalable mini modules combine powerful graphics performance and energy-efficient computing power to effortlessly handle various tasks. The ET875 and ET870 have a wide-temperature operating range from -40°C to +85°C and long-term availability, while supporting two serial ports, four high-speed PCI-e Gen2 lanes and TPM 2.0 for data encryption management.

Measuring 84mm by 55mm, the new ET875 is equipped with the Intel® Gen 9-LP SoC-integrated HD graphics with 18

execution units and supports two independent displays - 1x DD and 1x LVDS or 1x eDP and eMMC storage option (up to 32GB). Its interfaces comprise two USB 3.0/3.1, eight USB 2.0, and two SATA III (via IP417 carrier board). The compact ET870 (95mm x 95mm), on the other hand, has three USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 and two SATA III (via IP419 carrier board). It features the Intel Gen 9 SoC-integrated HD graphics, and two display interfaces - 2x DDI and 1x 24-bit dual-channel LVDS or eDP.

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Switchtec expands its STX range of Beacons to include

Dual “Flashing or Continuous” LED version

compact, competitively priced, low profile LED beacon, Switchtec has developed from the “Ground Up” the STXLED beacons to meet the demands of control panel manufacturers and those in the field of factory automation.

A Switchtec has expanded its popular STX range of

Xenon beacons to include the STXLED range, a Dual output Flashing or Continuous LED beacon. Addressing customer demand for a Continuous output was not possible with Xenon technology. Utilising LED Technology, Switchtec has been able to develop the STXLED range which offers a Dual Flashing or Continuous output LED Beacon by the selection of 2 of the 3 connection cables.

The STXLED beacons have 3 x 550mm connection

cables coloured for easy recognition. Connecting 2 cables produces a continuous output, and connection of the 3rd produces a flashing output.

Switchtec  01785 818600  Automation | June 2019 45

ddressing the need for a

OEM Automatic secures

partnership agreement with AGRO AG


EM Automatic, the country’s leading supplier of components for industrial automation, is proud to

announce a partnership agreement with the Swiss company, AGRO AG. This unique partnership opens up a new area of business for OEM, enabling the company to represent the wide range of AGRO cable glands in the UK. AGRO specialises in offering cable gland solutions for

electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) applications, condensation prevention, fire and electromagnetic wave disturbances. They are also renowned for providing quality, quick response turnarounds for high temperature and heavy duty applications.

The AGRO range of cable glands Available to order now from OEM Automatic, the AGRO range of cable glands is split into five main product categories: • Progress® • Syntec® • Progress® Ex • Progress® EMC • Progress® ultraFLAT

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