Interface relays for PLC & process control

said to be perfect perfect for PLC and process control. Comat Releco offers four difference versions in the

A ABB wins national award for

The prize recognises ABB’s commitment to helping industries to tackle their biggest challenges – from cutting energy consumption and CO2 emissions to reducing the millions of litres of clean drinking water lost through leakage. ABB offers more than 30 courses, several of which

diverse training course portfolio A

BB has won “Contribution to Skills and Training” at the annual Motion Control Industry (MCI) awards.

are CPD (continuous professional development) accredited. Targeting end users, contractors, consultants, machine builders and OEMs, the courses aim to improve engineering expertise, tackle technical challenges and improve operational knowledge of applying variable speed drives and motors. ABB’s courses have upskilled thousands of engineers,

managers and apprentices from a diverse range of industries. Trainees can choose between eLearning, hands- on training sessions at a site of their choice, or courses at ABB’s bespoke training school in Coalville, Leicestershire.

ABB  01925 741517 

New PoE verifier

eliminates guesswork when installing PoE devices


DEAL Networks has launched a new handheld tester that eliminates guesswork when installing, maintaining

and troubleshooting PoE devices and data cabling. PoE Pro measures and reports PoE Class, voltage/voltage drop, watts and injector Type, making it easy to see how much power is available.

“The new PoE Pro

eliminates trial and error when installing or troubleshooting PoE systems,” says Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director from UK technology firm IDEAL Networks. “Installers can now accurately measure the maximum power available to PoE devices in any installation.” Power over Ethernet

(PoE) is used to power VoIP phones, smart lighting systems, CCTV, digital signage, Wi-Fi access points, intercoms, sensors and much more.

As PoE continues to grow, technicians need fast,

accurate PoE validation to eliminate guesswork and get the job done faster.

IDEAL Networks  01925 428380 

44 June 2019 | Automation

Magnet Brake. The client, who has applications such as servo motors and cobots, based in Asia with locations across the world, has worked with SG Transmission for a number of years.

S Adam Russell, the lead design engineer on the

project said: “This is our sixth brake we have designed and manufactured for this successful blue chip electronics Company since we began working with them four years ago.”

SG Transmission customises electromagnetic clutches, brakes and magnets to meet the customer requirements.

SG Transmission  01388 770 360 

Single and Dual Loop Detector for Reliable and Fail Safe Vehicle Detection

designed specifically to ensure ease of installation. The automatic frequency tuning ensures that each time


it is powered up or reset it will automatically detect disturbances present on any of the four channels and in turn will choose the channel with the best signal condition whilst the selectable sensitivity allows adjustments in 10 steps from 1 to 10. 1 being the least sensitive and 10 the most sensitive. The Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) ensures accurate detection of high-base vehicles such as trucks and buses whilst the automatic loop frequency tuning avoids cross talk between loops when installed in close proximity to each other. Crucially, the built-in fail safe / fail secure function; on

detection of an error such as power loss or loop fault allows the loop detector to operate either to open or close the barriers safely.

Carlo Gavazzi  01276 854110 

arlo Gavazzi’s latest LDP series of loop detectors provide reliable and accurate vehicle detection and is

Ultra slim permanent magnet brake

G Transmission has supplied a robotics manufacturer with a new Ø56 diameter x 24.5mm Permanent

CRINT family: 1. High power AgSnO2 electromechanical contacts for switching up to 6A resistive load at 250Vac

2. Gold flashed AgSnO2 + 3Au electromechanical contacts for low power applications. No external

freewheeling circuit required

3. Solid state output for fast and high frequency up to 2A at 24Vdc, normally open switching

4. Triac solid state output for switching up to 1A at 240Vac, normally open, zero crossing switching for resistive or similar loads

All modules can have screw or cage clamp terminals,

control voltage ranges from 12 to 240Vac/dc and a blank terminal marker is included with all relays. Additional accessories such as coloured jumper bars and separators are also available.

OEM Automatic  0116 427 1578 

vailable from OEM Automatic, widely used across industry Comat Releco CRINT interface relays are

T Rear mounting option

available for Han® metal hoods and housings

he metal hoods and housings of the Han® B, EMC and M series now offer rear mounting options for

contact inserts. With the new Han® metal housings, it is possible to

lock the prefabricated inserts directly from the rear into the bulkhead mounting housing from the interior of a control cabinet. In the past, Han® inserts had to be conducted from the inside of the cabinet through the panel cutout, before they could be preassembled outside. After that, they were pushed back and fixed into the bulkhead mounted housing. In the newly

designed metal hoods and housings, the insulation bodies are inserted into a plastic holding frame that snaps safely into the aluminum die-cast enclosure, supported by a lug. To achieve protection in accordance with class IP65/66 and to guard against the effects of UV radiation and ozone, the flange rubber seal is laid completely into the interior of the housings.

HARTING  01604 827500  

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