INDUSTRY UPDATE FMT-200J Compact Controller

gives multi analogue / digital IO and Comms ports in a single package


Easy customization of cabling ducts

VK-S cutter allows for shortening up to 125 mm wide standard or halogen-free cabling ducts to the required length. Cuts are clean, without burrs, and with the exact required angle. This tool can be installed at a workbench. VK-AKZ notching pliers are made for breaking out


sections of the side walls cleanly and completely all the way down to the base of the cabling duct. Expanding rivets can be processed safely and quickly using the SN- SW setting tool. Featuring a long shaft, it facilitates setting rivets in deep channels or in other difficult-to- access positions. CONTA-CLIP supplies VK cabling ducts with a length of two meters. These ducts made of rigid PVC are notable for their excellent form stability.


ONTA-CLIP provides all necessary tools for customizing its UL- and VDE-certified VK series cabling ducts. The

he FMT-200J provides 200k bytes user RAM, 32 digital inputs and 24 solid state 500mA PNP Outputs, 8 off

12 bit analogue inputs and 4off 12 bit analogue outputs Four communication ports RS 485 and RS232, a 2 line by 16 character LCD display, four function keys, and a socket for an external FLASH memory card are also provided.

The compact unit is 353 mm wide x 166 mm high x

40 mm deep and all I/O and power connections are by 2 part connectors. The FMT-200J is part of the Colter UK manufactured FMT range and is programmed using the FLEX PC programming software which is provided free of charge.

Colter Products Ltd  01371 876887 


More than 100,000 combination options

urrelektronik's Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces provide convenient access to the control when

diagnostic or service work is needed. Great advantage: They allow you to keep the control cabinet closed, so the components inside continue to operate within the specified protection class. This makes sure that the safety regulations for the operation of electrical systems are always complied with. Modlink MSDD is a modular system based on standard

frames (single and double frames) with many different inserts to plug in. This variety allows more than 100,000 combination options. Because the mounting dimensions are the same no matter which combination is used, a design engineer's job is made easier and export-oriented companies are in a position to quickly react to country- specific requirements. The housing does not have to be reworked. They just install the country-specific insert. Modlink MSDD is a tried and tested solution, well- engineered to the smallest detail.

Murrelektronik LTD  0161 728 3133 

Continuous level measurement with guided radar sensors

measurement with an absolute repeatability of ± 1mm and a maximum non-linearity of ± 2mm. These rugged sensors in IP66/ IP68 stainless steel housings have a maximum cycle time of 500 ms and independent


of pressure or temperature fluctuations and unaffected by foam, vapor or dust. Buildup on the probe or container walls also has no effect on the measurement. With a measuring length of up to 75 meters, these sensors enable a wide range of applications, from small filling tanks to large storage tanks - anything is possible.

Their measuring principle and mechanical design make these guided radar sensors the ideal choice for use in harsh

environments. Hygiene compatible versions for pharmaceutical and food applications are available. The ATEX certified sensors can also be used in explosion hazard areas as typically found in refineries and chemical processing.

Simple key presses are all that is required for setup and teach-in. A highly visible display alerts the user to the

status and ensure a correct and continuous overview. The measuring results are available on the output as an analog 4...20mA/HART signal.

LPS Vibration Transducers L

oop powered transducers are self-contained 4-20mA vibration transmitters.

The 4-20 mA output is commonly accepted by process

control systems such as a PLC, DCS or SCADA system for cost-effective continuous vibration monitoring. The range of transducers include versions with outputs proportional to acceleration, velocity and displacement. Dual output types featuring a dynamic output in addition to the 4-20mA output are also available. Plus, hazardous area versions certified for both IS and Ex areas. With an extensive range of mounting and cabling accessories most industrial monitoring applications can be supported.

KDP Electronics Systems  01767 651058  Automation | June 2019 43 Balluff  01606 812 742 

uided radar sensors from Balluff are virtually predestined for maintenance-free level measurement of liquids and solids as well as for interface measurement. The guided radar pulses along the probe ensure precise and stable

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