Thorite to launch the go-to Fluid Power Catalogue for Industry Professionals


New miniature triaxial accelerometer for high temperature applications


he new Type 8766A lightweight, triaxial accelerometer from Kistler Instruments uses the, patented PiezoStar®

crystal developed by Kistler to provide ultra-stable performance with very little sensitivity deviation with temperature changes. Over a temperature range of -50°C to +165°C a PiezoStar® sensor has a sensitivity deviation with temperature which is over thirty times better than a similar quartz sensor. The new accelerometer has been designed specifically

to bring these unique properties to applications demanding high accuracy measurements in varying temperature up to 165°C. The small cubical, hermetic titanium housing has threaded mounting holes on each of three sides to facilitate calibration and simplify installation for tests whilst the low mass of only 4g reduces any influence on the test structure.

Kistler Instruments Limited u 01256 741550 u

horite, the UK's leading supplier of air compressors, air tools, pneumatics and process products, publish their new catalogue in July.

Everything about this catalogue is new. From page layout to overall design this 800 page catalogue was created in-house. It is unique and the only catalogue available that showcases all top brands in one place. Almost three hundred suppliers feature including some of the most important manufacturers; IMI Norgren, Festo, SMC, HPC, Hydrovane, Gardner Denver, Burkert and IR/ARO. The vast range of customer services such as training courses, air quality

testing, compressed air auditing and compliance with relevant legislation / codes of practice and more are all covered in the new catalogue.

Thorite u 0800 1583920 u

Mounted any way you need it: compact flow sensor with rotatable display from EGE G

ettorf – For flow measurement of water and water-based media in large pipes, sensor specialists EGE launch the new SNS 552

flow sensor that features an I/O-Link interface and a digital display. The compact device facilitates fast readout of flow volumes by showing liter or cubic meter measurements on a display that can be rotated for better visibility. In addition, the responsive sensor is

highly resistant to temperature variations and provides integrated temperature measurements in a range from 0 to +80 °C. The device can be parameterized with buttons or via I/O-Link. Two outputs for flow and temperature can be optionally configured as analog or switching outputs. On request, the SNS 552 is available with a teach-in input for rapid adjustment when used with various mediums.

EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH u +49 43 46 / 41 58 -0 u u

Save time with automated cable identification W

ell identified cables often are a customer requirement. They are also necessary to deliver standardised cable assemblies and to produce more

efficiently. However, identifying cables can be very time consuming, especially if it is done manually. By automating cable identification you can save time, comply with customer requirements, deliver standardised assemblies and produce more efficiently all at once. Save time and increase quality. A manual cable identification process quickly becomes a bottleneck that

slows down production output, especially when large volumes of cables need to be identified. Cable sleeves, wrap-around and self-laminating labels can be applied a lot faster with cable sleeve and label print & apply systems. Reliable print & apply systems also increase the quality of your cable identification by always applying sleeves and labels in the exact same way. Please visit for more information about cable identification print & apply systems or call Tel: +44 (0) 1295 228 288 or

Brady u 01295 228 288 u

No trespassing! Wieland’s Safety Light Curtains provide access control for enhanced safety W

ieland Electric’s SLC series of safety light curtains has been designed to protect operators from dangerous areas or as access control against

unauthorised trespassing. Connection is simple and achieved via standard M12 connection technology, whilst fast installation and removal of the guards on the machine is achievable due to system configuration being carried out in the control cabinet. When using multiple systems, mutual interference is avoided by using the adjustable range reduction feature, whilst the integrated double scan technology eliminates the risk of unnecessary shutdown even in harsh environments. Planning of safeguards is simplified and there is less type diversity because every SLC from 0 m to the maximum range can be utilised. Setting of parameters is done without PC or DIP switch and is carried out through simple wiring in the control cabinet.

Wieland Electric 46 JUNE 2017 | AUTOMATION u 01483 531213 u

New functions added to

Wieland’s flare TIME relays f

lare TIME HM electronic timing relays and the flare CONTROL measuring and monitoring relays ranges have

been expanded to include new products: the flare TIME HM8-2U-A universal multi-functional timing relay and the flare CONTROL IL-1-A and UL-1-A current and voltage measuring relay. These relays not only offer the advantages of universal application in industrial automation, but their 22.5 mm width also makes them real place savers that can be applied over a wide range of temperatures. flare TIME HM8-2U-A features 8 time ranges and 4 time and 4 special functions including stepping (inverted), watchdog and wiper interval. flare CONTROL IL-1-A and UL-1- A timing and monitoring relays have adjustable delay at lower-limit violation, whereby the upper and lower limits can be set separately, a multi-voltage range of 20.4 to 264 V AC / DC.

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