ABB named Manufacturer of the Year at Motion Control Industry awards


BB has won Manufacturer of the Year at the Motion Control Industry (MCI) awards.

The award recognises ABB’s commitment to developing

variable speed drive and electric motor technologies and services that save energy, improve productivity and reduce plant downtime across all motor-driven applications in all industries.

ABB is at the forefront of technologies like the

synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) - a motor design that operates with a VSD and uses a cageless rotor to reduce losses by up to 40 percent, is significantly quieter than traditional motor technology, yet has a similar price point. Another innovation is the ABB Ability Smart Sensor for

low voltage motors which offers a low cost way to monitor the condition of most low voltage motors. The award win is the second in as many months for ABB,

which recently won Supplier of the Year at the Pump Industry Awards.

ABB u 01925 741111 u

Modular drum motors

from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS facilitate planning, configuration, and spare part management through a project-based reduction of variant complexity. These drives meet the highest efficiency standards – IES2 system efficiency and IE4 or Super Premium Efficiency for the motor by itself – and reach excellent efficiencies even in the partial load range and at low speeds. They therefore pay for their initial cost within a few years or even only months. Total expenses over the product lifespan are significantly reduced. The systems allow for simple daisy-chaining; short power lines can be connected from one drive to the next. The user-friendly systems consist of a helical-bevel gearbox, an IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor, and a frequency inverter for installation near the motor.

Efficient drive solutions with a small line-up of variants S

pecifically designed for intralogistics and baggage handling systems, the new LogiDrive standardized AC vector drives


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Compact Motors for Demanding Applications R

provide precisely what each individual application needs. To complement the motor range Rotek can also offer a range of

gearboxes & ratio’s to ensure the correct output speed & torque is achieved. This includes spur, worm, planetary & flat gearboxes. As part of the modular system Rotek, as standard, can offer brakes,

encoders & different electrical connection options. Other electrical & mechanical adaptations available ensure that an individual solution is provided. Typical applications include agricultural seed dispensing, packaging, labelling, conveying, weighing, inspection, medical, pharmaceutical testing, filling/dosing, warehouse storage systems, AGV’s & general industrial automation.

OEM u 0116 2849900 u

OTEK has been producing very efficient small motors for over 30 years and have a range of four well defined modular series developed to


nterroll has launched a new generation of drum motors that will be predominantly used for conveyor

belt systems in distribution centres, production areas and in hygienic applications in the food industry. The motor platform is of modular design,

encompassing both synchronous and asynchronous technologies. It is available first in 80mm-diameter drums and in future will be expanded to the entire product range. The new platform makes it easy to combine all

components and guarantees short and reliable delivery times. Options such as encoders, brakes and return stops, are available for all variants, making it easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to plan and implement efficient materials-handling solutions. The motors are IP69K protected. Compared to Interroll’s previous generation, the new

motors are distinguished by a series of design benefits. Stronger shafts and ball bearings guarantee a long

service life, while robust planetary gears make it possible to transfer high levels of torque to conveyor belts efficiently and quietly. An expanded number of gear stages provides a greater speed range, making it easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to design conveyor systems that achieve their throughput requirements precisely. The new platform’s modular design reduces

production and delivery times. Unlike previous generations, there is an option for a simple plug-in connection, reducing downtime for maintenance and repair work, resulting in considerable cost advantages for the user.The drum motors also offer high energy efficiencies compared to alternative drive systems, cutting operating costs further.

Interroll u u 01536 312770


Non-contact safety sensors B

alluff is expanding their safety portfolio with magnetic, transponder and inductive safety sensors. They are

connected directly to the safety Balluff IO-Link I/O module or to any safety controller using standard M12 connectors. Balluff's non-contact, magnetically coded safety switch

is unaffected by mechanical play. With separate processing electronics, the safety switch can be used for applications up to PLe/SIL 3. The transponder coded safety sensor is ideal for

monitoring guard doors. The passive RFID transponder is uniquely identified by the sensor, high coding levels and accordingly high bypass protection can be implemented. Balluff's inductive safety sensor detects the approach

of metallic targets. Unlike traditional safety switches it requires no special mating part. This means it can generate safe signals for position and end-of-travel or directly sense metallic workpiece carriers.

Balluff u 01606 812777 u


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