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being brought further into the digital age, there is a lot of coverage being given to the latest smart hardware and connected devices. While there’s no doubt that once installed these can deliver improvements in connectivity, reliability and productivity, their true potential can only be unleashed once linked to a control system. This means that software is playing an ever more crucial role in the smooth running of a manufacturing plant. With the number of smart field level and cloud connected devices increasing all the time, bringing them all together and maximising their performance requires having the right ERP, MES and SCADA systems installed. But it’s not just about control, acquiring and then analysing the huge amount of data being generated by these devices is just as important, as this is often where possible efficiency gains can be understood and realised. In this issue we have a special

supplement dedicated to the subject of manufacturing software. It contains plenty of useful advice, insight and information for all those looking to harness the power that the digital revolution offers the manufacturing industry.

Neil Mead - Director of Editorial

factory automation. Programmes are offered on Fanuc technologies such as ROBOGUIDE and Fanuc iRVision, while bespoke training can be created based on individual customer application requirements. All courses provide practical, hands-on training exploring the areas of programming and maintenance. Overall the project has taken approximately 12


eading global manufacturer of automation and industrial robotic solutions, Fanuc UK, has officially opened its new state-of-the-art headquarters at Ansty Park, Coventry.

The result of an investment of more than £19

million, the new 107,000 sq ft facility highlights the significant growth the company has experienced over recent years, as well as its unified approach for the future. Fanuc’s new headquarters is four times larger than its previous location and will enable the business to further develop its offering and strengthen its position in the market. Crucially, all aspects of the business will operate

under one roof, while the three-storey building is also home to a design, manufacturing and training facility, offices and showroom area. Fanuc UK currently employs more than 100 people and anticipates further growth of its workforce in the coming months. The business specialises in factory automation,

which is split across three categories: robotics, machine tools and factory automation systems. Its extensive product portfolio comprises market-leading vertical milling centres (ROBODRILL), plastic injection moulding machines (ROBOSHOT), wire EDMs (ROBOCUT), industrial robots and CNC systems. Training is a vital and growing part of Fanuc’s offering and the expansion of the UK facility has helped to enhance its training academy’s capabilities, with the introduction of a new advanced course for more experienced engineers. The dedicated suite consists of four training rooms, each of which caters for up to eight students at any one time. The Fanuc Academy houses eight robots of various sizes, as well as 12 simulators for

months to complete. Recognised as one of the most successful business technology parks in the UK, Ansty Park is strategically located at the hub of the UK motorway network and is considered the new home for technology and innovation. “Our new headquarters represents a new approach for Fanuc UK, with all parts of our business brought together under one roof for the first time in the UK,” says Tom Bouchier, managing director at Fanuc UK. “By consolidating these functions, we can enhance our capabilities and provide customers with a combination of solutions to meet their every need. “This investment has helped grow our capacity, and

more crucially, has enabled us to strengthen our training services. Training is essential for our customers and our new training area is equipped with state-of- the-art robots, enabling users to fully exploit the capabilities of robotic technology. Our relocation will drive further growth, develop our team and strengthen our services, solidifying Fanuc’s position in the UK as a market-leading manufacturer and solutions provider.” The new facility also provides Fanuc UK with the opportunity to increase capacity in the future with 25 per cent expansion capability.


lmo Motion Control has expanded its UK operations with

the opening of a dedicated sales and service centre in Burntwood Business Park, West Midlands. The company has been supplying

its specialty servo drives and motion control solutions to the UK market


for several years. The new centre is targeting the UK’s burgeoning automation sector, as well as printing and packaging, machine builders, medical, robotics, automated guided vehicles, remotely operated vehicles, inspection machines and harsh environment applications. The company’s UK managing director, Gary Busby (pictured), comments: “Elmo’s products bring a level of technology not yet seen in the UK marketplace. The portfolio is generating much interest among original equipment manufacturers. “Whether producing touchscreens

or solar cells, guiding a missile or MRI scanners, optically testing silicon substrate or tracking a satellite, precise synchronisation of velocity

and location is critical. Developing innovative, feature-rich, high power density and ultra-compact products is what sets us apart.” Elmo Motion Control was founded

in 1988 and today it designs, develops and sells servo drives, multi-axis motion controllers and interface software. With headquarters in Israel, the rising demand for its innovative breakthrough products has resulted in a dedicated presence in the USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, China, Korea and now the UK. Elmo employs more than 350 staff worldwide including 70 engineering experts. During 2015/16 the company substantially upgraded its production capabilities in Israel.

It also opened a manufacturing centre in Poland to meet growing demand for its products from across Europe. Both manufacturing facilities feature a full testing and burn-in infrastructure. “Demand for Elmo’s products has

grown immensely and we have responded by tripling the production capacity of Elmo Israel and by opening our own production in the EU,” says Haim Monhait, Elmo Motion Control’s founder and CEO. “This expansion illustrates our continued commitment to, and investment in, the design and manufacturing of the highest quality, most advanced, efficient and powerful servo drives and motion-controllers in the industry.”


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