ensor specialist FSG presents the new special magnetic encoder series MH680-III- MU-G which provides maximum reliability through multiple redundancy. The single-turn encoder is equipped with three electrically isolated Hall measuring systems to meet even the most demanding requirements in safety-related applications, i.e. in cases where redundant signals for monitoring do not suffice or additional signal outputs are needed to visualize the process. The device enclosures are manufactured from Hart-Coat aluminium and

New Vision System with

unprecedented modularity W

ith hundreds of configurations, the second generation In-Sight 7000 vision system easily adapts to shifting

factory requirements Cognex Corporation, the world's leader in machine vision, introduced the new In-Sight® 7000 series, a suite of ultra-rugged, highly modular standalone vision systems. The second generation In-Sight 7000 series represents a breakthrough in performance, flexibility and ease of integration. This powerful new vision system performs fast and precise inspections that keeps pace with increasing line speeds, while its compact form factor easily fits into space-constrained production lines. The In-Sight 7000’s unique, modular design offers over 400 different field configurations making it the most flexible vision system available. Like all Cognex In-Sight vision systems, the In- Sight 7000 uses In-Sight Explorer™ to set up and monitor machine vision inspections. This software includes the EasyBuilder® interface for easy step-by-step application setup and the In-Sight spreadsheet view for greater control.

Cognex u +49 721 66378 252 u

provide corrosion, shock and vibration resistance. Thanks to their wide temperature range of -30 °C to +80 °C and IP67 ingress protection they are suitable for even the most demanding environments. The new encoder features a resolution of 14 bit and covers a measuring range of 0-360°. Signal output is provided per channel via a 4-20 mA current interface.

FSG Fernsteuergeraete u +49 30 / 6 2 91 1 u

Round Consumer Packaging - Vision Inspection Innovations A

dvanced techniques using smart camera technology are creating innovative ways of inspecting glass and plastic containers of every shape

and size. One major development is the ability to inspect critical labelling information on round, un-orientated items in the production line. METTLER TOLEDO’s white paper, ‘Round Consumer Packaging - Vision Inspection Technology Options’, examines two techniques available for performing 360° inspections of such items using multi-camera systems. This enables manufacturers to inspect products for a full range of quality

checks, including label legibility and presence, as well as maintaining accurate fill levels and ensuring capping and seal integrity. By understanding the techniques discussed, manufacturers can overcome the challenge of product orientation and safeguard the integrity of final package quality for greater brand protection.

Mettler Toledo

Download the white paper: u 0116 234 5069

No limits - New inductive proximity switches sense all metals at same range K


More than redundant: Special encoder with three separate measuring systems S

plus is the name given by leading sensor manufacturer ifm electronic to their latest range of inductive proximity sensors. The main feature of these is their

reliable detection: long sensing range on all metals, there is no reduction factor. Addition reliability stems from the fact that the K = 1 correction factor sensor

technology is inherently immune to electromagnetic fields. This wide range of devices in standard M12, M18 and M340 housings offers different lengths for different applications, all with flush or non-flush versions and all featuring the industry-standard M12 connector. These devices are suited to numerous applications due to their wide operating

temperature range and high protection rating. Installation is made easier by the fact that the thread can be used with the lock nuts, right to the end of the housing thread. The robust design in high-grade stainless steel renders this range ideal for all applications.

ifm electronic Ltd. u 020 8213-0000 u

New FSC-1114 fuse blown indicating module T

he new FSC-1114 fuse blown indicating module, designed to distribute a supply voltage, is a DIN rail mounting module, that has 10 common indicating fuse blown outputs. Each fused channel can handle up to 7.5A, with a maximum of 40A max for the module. In the event of a fuse being blown a relay is energized and the volt free contacts can be used to signal the problem to the SCADA system or raise a local alarm. The Daito blown fuse gives an indication that it is open circuit, individual Channel fuses purchased separately can be 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 3.2A, 5A or 7.5A. The module can be purchased for use with 110Vac or 12, 24, 48,

110 and 120Vdc power distribution The FSC1114 joins a range of other Colter Products SCADA friendly products signaling fuse status.

Visit our website to view our power distribution and relay products. The Supervisory system allows maintenance

engineers to be quickly informed of the problem and the location when using the FSC1114. Colter Products Ltd


spectrum colour sensor - Strong performance on coloured surfaces


he new compact colour sensor from SensoPart is a true all-rounder: The FT 55-CM colour sensor offers a scope

of functions and level of user-comfort that are unsurpassed in its performance class. The wide operating range – independent of distance – combined with the flexible colour detection feature gives a diverse range of applications. The large integrated LCD display and remote configuration via SensoVisual and IO-Link set new standards in ease of use and connectivity. This unique combination of characteristics makes the sensor ideally suited for challenging colour detection and sorting tasks, for example in machine construction and in the automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical or packaging industries.

SensoPart u 01664 561539 u


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